Kobe blues – WTF?

Kobe blues – What The Fukushima

The last time I /we went to club IZNT to play. It turned into an unpleasant experience. The club itself was not bad, nor was being there. What was bad was the drummer. Our regular drummer was not there, so we got assigned a drummer. basically he sucked! Dropped beats, did not start properly. In short, yuk. I was not pleased. The guy running the show was cold cold to Matsuo-san my guitar player. We played two song and that was more than enough with the drummer we had. I was bummed and embarrassed. 
Now we had another visit planned the whole band would be there. It was the drummer’s birthday and he planned on going for that, so we all were to gather there. I was looking forward to redemption from the first time.
We all arrived, I ordered food, they have good salmon wraps. Just as I was near done the organizer says to me get ready you guys are up next. Ok. Yosh. I finish off my plate and head for the stage. The guys are in somewhat of a panic. We are supposed to do four songs, what shall we do? Ok, I say, and said a few quick songs, we have done many times already. It was not a big deal. We came to play. The first one I felt confident with we could do well. I give off the count and we start.
The guitar player goes off into some weird intro, not what we usually do. Instead of setting up the groove he starts soloing as a lead in. I am thinking, WTF? Ok I roll with it. However as we start into the song, he is playing changes from another song. Now I am really not pleased. It is like we are playing two different song, and for the most part we were. I have to adjust,y vocals to somewhat match. It sucks. Then the drummer chooses to end before I am ready. WTF!
Ok, next song, I give the count off, and we start, then the drummer starting rushing the song. It is supposed to be an easy groove, but he is rushing it. I am really really not pleased now. We sound like crap and they are not listening to what everyone else is playing. Again WTF?
Ok next song, I decide I am not singing, this is BS. I pick the song and tell the guitar player he is singing. Ok, he starts. He does not check if anyone is ready. He just starts. I still was finding the right Harp and he is already into the song. Ok, I roll with it. I do not play Bass, I just fill in with Harp. I figure to come in with the Bass on a new verse like it was a planned thing. Still the group sounds like crap. The cords the guitar player are not right and there are weird sounds coming from his amp and cording. Jheez! Yeah, WTF!
Ok last song. We do “watermelon man” there is a very good trumpet player going to sit in with us. This is going ok, finally however, while getting setup for this next song, and having been having problems with the mike/harmonica stand I hit one of the tuning pegs and one string is way out of tune. I try to tune whilst playing and singing. At times not using that out of tune string. This was our last song and it was finally sounding descent. However I was not a happy camper. Finally it was done and we cleared the stage for the next group.
I hung out for a while, then figured I had enough as the music was getting louder and louder. I am saying my good nights. There was a guy who knew a couple of people in our group. He had an accent like from New Zealand, Australia or great Britain. I say, “nice to met you take care”. He follows that with, “I really like African-American Music.” I am quite taken back. Where did this come from and why? Not I like Blues, or R & B, African-American Music. No Prior conversation nothing, just suddenly, bam!
I give him a wow, you are really a dumb azz look n smile. Thinking to myself WTFukushima!

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