A day in the life-April

A day in the life
LZ decided wanted to ride the bike the other day. It was a lovely spring day. She wanted to ride the bike over to her favorite udon shop. I agreed and off we went. It was a pretty easy ride, she said it would take 20 min. It took 45, she is a slow rider. I would just pump it out alone, but I held back.
Lunch was good. It was worth it. Fresh made Udon, fish cake tempura, the good kind. Yeah, it was nice.
She wanted to ride back along the beach way. I had never been, but it sounded interesting and I am up for an adventure. However that was the second part. She suggested that we check out the ceramic master’s gallery since we were in the area. I was definitely up for that.
Stopped and purchased some home made fish item for dinner later. 
We followed the normal pattern of her getting lost , not finding the place, before she called to get direction. The master was on his way to his shop, we could wait and he would speak with us.
We hung out for a while before he showed up. The gallery was not the running down room extension where we waited. That was some addition to his house he used for whatever.
We walked around the corner to a nice house this was his gallery.
Once inside I was shocked. I loved his style!
I was so impressed. It was western, yet asian and unique. Unlike the ceramic guy, couple we visited in wakayama who pieces were more utilitarian, old school Japanese. This master’s were, useful, yet art! Nice glazes, different shapes, glaze textures. Even LZ loved it. Enough so she said she may want to take classes with me. Now this is something unique !
I asked to take a picture of him. He did not want to do the typical Japanese pose. 
We spent some time talking with the master. He is self-taught, 70 something, and one of Japan’s top ceramic masters. Some small bowl items were selling for 1,000 dollars !!!!! However, he is so down to earth, friendly, funny and easy-going.
lZ found several things she wanted to buy, within our limited price range. A couple of rice/soup bowls. He gave her a couple of small plates as a gift. She was delighted. 

We spent some time there just chatting with him. The bummer came when he said he was not taking any students right now. He was getting away from teaching so much he wanted to spend some time on his personal projects. Perhaps in a couple of years, when he retires he will hold some kind of workshop at his studio. Well, we were not ready to start classes anyway. I have my Kyudo and Shakuhachi to focus on right now. So perhaps in a couple of year the time will be right for the rest of the ceramic story to unfold.After a while we made out way out to hit the road. As we were starting off, LZ figures out she left her sun glasses and stopped the bike and left it right were it was while she went back to get them. Meanwhile while she was on the way back, she come running and the Master is with her, her bike is somewhat in the middle of the street (a side small side street), I am standing with my bike off to the side so cars or whatever could get by. As she coming back so are the police on their scooters. They see the commotion and me. They stop by me and ask if there is a problem, asking her but looking at me sideways. I ignored them after pointing to her and went back to my smart phone business. She told them what happened and they left quickly as they came.

We made our way to the waterfront and had a pleasant ride home. It was nice to have another view of the area and the weather was perfect for a bike ride.
A good day in the life.

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