CrossWorlds prt 2

CrossWorlds part 2 – Chicago Rock /April
Ehhhhh said I, instantly thinking afterward I was a bit too loud, I took a quick look around the train car. I was not only to surprised to see my Kyudo sempai also she and hubby we’re coming to see the band. I was pleased and nervous. Someone else I know watching. It is one thing, playing for strangers another for people you know. 
Now it is starting to look like a lot of people, at least from me. Three people from Kyudo, two friends of my sister-in-law, perhaps a couple of people from a party last month. Oh well, nice to have some people on a Weds nite. My sempai and her husband and I rode the rest of the way together. The husband spoke some english. It was needed for his job as flight Controller. Once we arrived at the club stop they went and found some dinner, I went to the club.
We setup and played, things went fairly smooth. I met the couple from my Sister-in-law plus their daughter, who plays trombone. The husband of the friend plays guitar, he spoke English. He wanted to speak to me, he was looking for a band. Well, it does not work quite like that, someone just tells you about a band. People want to hear you play. Anyway nice family. They stayed for the evening.
There is a guy who i have communicated with over the last three years, who is from the states. I had not meet him even though he lives in Osaka, starting about a year before me. He dropped by the club, in a surprise visit. He is an acquaintance of the drummer. Both are Nichiren Buddhist and go to the same temple.
My sempais enjoyed the evening. They had some drinks and hung out til the end. One brought his daughter and her boyfriend. That was another two for my group.
It was a large turnout for a Weds. Our playing for the night was decent. No large errors to bug or embarrass me. We did three sets instead of two. It was a good night. We got our booking for June setup. I am not sure how it is we get a monthly booking there. I hear other bands that are better. Maybe some connection with Matsuo-san. No complaints it is good to play and get paid regular, even once a month. I just wish more effort was put into getting the sound right and upgrading the songs. I would really like to play some other venue than this basement hole in the wall. The people are nice however…I want to sound good and play more!! Get in on some of the more upscale Blues Events. Osaka has a fairly large active blues scene.

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