A day in the life – Kobe


Kobe, Japan is about a two hour train ride, costing about 12-15 dollars, one way. Needless to say I do not go often. When I do, I try to get the most bang for my buck, in this case Yen. I was invited to a party, I was hesitant about going. As it turns out a friend who I had met last year or so, was not busy that day. He had no clients, he is an accupunturist, and martial artist. I had skipped going to see an all girl blues band the day or so before to save money, so I opted to attend the clash in Kobe, and visit my friend as well, the two birds with one stone thing.
My first stop was to visit my Martial Art friend. It was raining that day, he came over to meet me at the train station, we walked back to his shop. Lucky it was not far, so even in the rain we did not get too wet, at least not soaked from the walk. We had some tea and chatted. He is studying old school deep Zen Buddhism from a Taoist and Zen master in Tokyo in order to raise his Qi Gong and spiritual level to be a better acupuncturist.  
I was shown his hand made-metal Shakuhachi. Doubles as an instrument and a weapon. It was made by his friend, an interesting piece. After tea, I showed him some Kali moves and drills, along with some Mantis. He showed me some Okinawain-Te moves and explained some of the history of the moves, the country and the people. It was interesting for both of us. After the martial art exchange, we played around with Shakuhachi and Shamisen. It was not really that good but it was fun, that was more important.

My next stop was further deep into Kobe. I was picked up at the train station by my friend and band mate. This area of Kobe was different. Lots and lot of hills, I would not want to ride a bike around there. Almost as hilly as San Francisco. This was an affluent area, impressive units, both inside and out.
The person throwing the party is a friend of my drummer friend. He was giving a party for his visiting daughters, who live in Australia. This person is also sailing student of mine now. He and my friend are Indian, as in Hindu type. I was looking forward to some real Indian food. It had been a while for the real taste. I was looking forward to it and, I was not disappointed. It was off the hook good eating!! I ate two big plates of goodies. A large selection of vegetarian eats! I was surprised the items they made with tofu. I was a happy camper!
Looking at these pictures makes me hungry all over again. I was given a another plate of leftovers as were most people that stayed. It was good the next day as well. The last of the rice was eaten today, still wish I had another plate. yeah, it was that good. I know it will be many moons before I have some again like that!
There were a lot of people that came to the party. It was a good international mix. Many were East Indian, plus others and Japanese of course. There was suppose to be band, but they did not show. The drummer and I were asked to do a couple of songs. I reluctantly agreed, very reluctantly. I was feeling it was weird to do a song, with just a Bass and a drum with me singing, I am very shy about singing, weird for one who sings in a band. However, the crowd enjoyed it. They even danced, which was quite surprising. I think the large amount of liquor drank helped. 
I was invited to stay over at my friend’s house for the night so I would not have to worry about missing the train home, a two hour ride. That was nice, I could relax and enjoy chatting. After most of the crowd left, we had a big discussion about life, and people. It was a good time. Everyone left about 1:30 or so.
Afterward at my friend’s apt, we ended up watching a video about this famous musician he knows, Wayne Shorter, that is also of the same Nichiren Buddhist sect as him and Herbie Handcock, they are all friends. I really just wanted to go to sleep, but I felt I needed to be polite and watch. It was interesting though. 
The whole day in Kobe was interesting and a worthwhile visit. Met some new people, and perhaps a few new fans to come see the band play at Chicago Rock next week. 

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