The last Sakura

I had plans to go to Kyudo. LZ had mention going to lunch at this little noodle shop she found. Fresh made noodles. One guy, making the noodle. Very popular place. The plan was supposed to be I stop by visit some with OKaasan then we go to lunch afterward I go to Kyudo.Of course that changed, it would not be life without making an adjustment to the sails. I visited Okaasan that went fine. Then LZ and I took off for the noodle shop. It was a short walk nearby. The short walk lasted way longer than I thought. 10-15 min was really more like 20 min. It was a warm day, I was dressed for cold. My knee was troubling (hurting) me for the last week, badly. It was a long walk for me. We finally made it. Got a seat, ordered and waited.



It took time. I found out they do not cut, or prepare the noodles until ordered, it was that fresh.




Finally we were served. It was very. Good. LZ was saying it was the best she ever had. She was never big on udon, but this was the best. I heard this well into the evening!




We finished and she spoke to the owner praising his udon and tempura. He seemed like a nice guy. The food was quite good. They even had Udon fresh to go, you cook at home.
Afterward, LZ had said there was a group earlier from the elderly home where OKaasan lives that went Sakura viewing today. Tomorrow it was rain so the flowers would be gone. I wanted to see. LZ is not really into the Sakura blooms to much either. Last year she saw the tree by our house and started to understand the attraction, some. This little sightseeing was more for me. 

It was a perfect day for viewing. There were many out with the same idea. We strolled around the lake taking in the sights.



There were masses of elderly from the local nursing homes in the area taking in the flowers, sun, the fresh spring air. It was a lovely day. Tomorrow it would all change, the report said.


I explained to LZ such is the beauty of the Sakura, so delicate, so fragile, so temporary, as is life. This is the metaphoric story, draw of the Sakura.



Here today, gone tomorrow, scattered, blown away by the wind of life.I never made it to Kyudo that day, i rolled with the moment. The next day as predicted, high winds and rain. We saw for the most part the last of the Sakura for this year.

so I thought…

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