just another day…& the band played on

Just another day
Spring has arrived in Osaka. My favorite Sakura tree is in bloom and flowers are popping everywhere.
I have started this years spring planting. I am going to try out an upstairs, back lanai veggie planting center. The front yard is the bamboo garden, starting its second year.
The growing there last years was not great. Only a few herbs did ok in the small based planters. So the front is dedicated to that and misc bamboo and flowers. The upper back garden is in lager pots , to give some earth to grow in also the light there is better. I think that was another issue the veggies had in the front n the vertical planters. This year, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, basil, kale, lettus, eggplant are planted in the upper back forty. Well see how that goes. I am hoping to get a variety of basil. Hopefully enough to give away some, and also make a lot of pesto!
And the band played on:
We had our monthly gig at the Chicago rock blues club. I would say it was by far the worst ever! At least in my opinion. We had a couple of people sit in with us. First it was a trumpet player. He is good!! I have played with hom before and enjoyed it. It gave us a nice classy sound, and we did nt play loud. It was very cool! Sadly he left too soon a guitar player joined in afterward, it went down hill from there.
The band got loud, the leader got a new guitar box with a wah wah pedal or maybe it was old and he did not use it often. Anyway he and the other guitarist went off on some loud riff trip and it hurt my ears. I am sure the ears of others as well, since I saw the girlfriend of the leader plug her ears with her fingers. I had stopped playing at this point and was just holding my ears as the guitars went off. Other songs before that went into some loud bad acid trip sound. 
It is too bad people did not start coming in until after the trumpet player left. It was already late when people arrived, and we ended up doing an extra set so they could hear the band. Too bad they heard loud crap, at least in my opinion.
The drummer’s comment afterward was, something like: it is good (or interesting ) we have a flexible sound. I just said Mmmmmm. I was not pleased with the end product of the night. Maybe it was just me…and my taste.
In other band news. I think we are scheduled to do another concert in Kyoto this summer. Kinda sorta nice, it is a free showcase, kinda of fun. Some good picture and a recording come out of it. So that is something.
Sailing away:
Surprisingly I have been getting a fair amount of sailing in which is posted on the sailing blog. Not really as interesting as my old sailing blog with my solo and duo adventures. However it is sailing at least. At least sailing as far as teaching class goes and still getting some sailing time. Sometimes more fun and interesting than others. Sometimes a trial of my patience and teaching skills. Like this last person the friend of the friend. One recent student came about via the band. A friend of the band drummer has been wanting to learn sailing, and actually followed through on his talk of lessons.
Everyday People:
Not much work has been coming in from the Landscaping part of life. AT least from the city work. I am guessing it will not start serious until late spring, when the grasses, weeds , bush is really started to grow in the lots and such.In a way it is good, I get a rest from that type of work, Especially like today when I am healing from some unknown knee and neck pain. Also just having a break. On the bad side it means funds are/will be low, for travel, goodies, etc. The extra sailing classes have helped so far, but I doubt if it will maintain the pace it has the last few months.

On the other hand, I have been recalled to tend the Aoki Yard as the weeds have started filling in. This bit of work will cover my Shakuhachi lessons. Kyudo practice will need to be attended again at least once a week via bicycle and save that train fare expense for elsewhere.

It is not all fun and games, in retirement, but being grateful for what is, keeps what is not in perspective.
And that’s the local news.

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