Steps …

Steps forward small or large are good.
It is not the size but the direction…Zen

I am making headway. Before my break yesterday I had a 60% hit average. I was pleased. I keep telling myself do not get “cocky”. That means over confidant for those not of American slang hippness. One of my Sempai Sensei saw my score. I said so-so ne! When I get all hits then it will be good. He nodded. After that even with telling, self chill out my score started dropping. Focus was off. That started when the Kaicho came over and gave me advice. Once when I was shooting he was telling me something as I was in Kai, my shoot went Way off! 😦 focus was lessened from there. Not relaxed anymore.
Last week I told Yamashita Sensei, when I first start my hits are good after a short while they get worse. He said he was the opposite. He starts bad, then as he relaxs he get better. He also told me he would be one of the judges for the Yondan shinsa. Not sure if that me feel more or less relaxed. Not that it makes a difference ether way. Skill is skill there is no playing favorite. I hit or I hit not.
The Kaicho told me yesterday that i did not have to worry about if I mess up with the Kimono part. It would not count against me. It was kind of funny, because had no idea what he was saying. It took three or four people saying it for me to finally understand. I got the no need to worry part but not why I not to worry. One Sempai said something about “count” . I went ok, ehhh, “count???”. Finally after about 3 or 4 minutes it clicked. I repeated in Japanese oh, I get it, the Kimono part is no big deal, the shooting is!
I am planning on going to Kyoto for Golden Week in May. One Sempai from Kishiwada is testing for Renshi and so is another sempai from Banpacku. There is also a big advance level Tai Kai and Horseback Kyudo. I may have to make a couple of trips in order to catch some of each. It should be interesting.
mirror mirror
The Shinsa clock, goes tic tock…
I am planning a practice daily until then. The night before is a Zen session at my friend’s temple. I may go to help balance my spirit. I have my daily practice, but sometimes it is good to share a greater local Chi ( Ki)

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