Kishiwada – Hatsuikai 2015

After the passing of my Shifu, I took a couple of days of stay at home to mourn. 

On the third day there was an event at the Dojo. Something called hatsuiyukai. First shooting of the year. It was good for me to get out and have a change. Things did not start until 1:00 pm so I could sleep in a little.

It was a cold day, there was a small heater going , still scarfs and jackets were in order. There was a fairly large gathering of people turning out for this event.

On this day is also the coming if age day. There are a lot of cute young girls who can now legally drink, walking around in Kimonos. There are a few boys in kimono mostly in suits though. I took a few pictures but they did not turn out. All this going on at the Kishiwada city gym.

Meanwhile in the Kyudojo things are getting ready for the Tai-Kai. I am testing out the camera function on my  new phone. I was pretty pleased with it over all. Of course my Nikon does better, but for convenience it is great.

We started the Tai Kai, after some usual stuff, and the awarding of a San-dan certificate to a classmate. The one who tested with me but did not pass. After this we started. 
I did not do all that well, but I did get a few hits, so did not feel like a complete loser. We did the standard Matos, then did bingo, lastly the painted matos.
1421037089596 1421035981072 1421038446289 1421040939882 IMG_20150112_123628 1421035312122  IMG_20150112_151423 IMG_20150112_144602  IMG_20150112_151147
It was fun and was more about fun than anything else. It was formal in that almost everyone wore kimonos, however the feeling was very casual. Can you tell?


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