You are wondering, no doubt, what is IZNT?
It is listed as an international club, located in Kobe Japan. Now you know. What you do not know is this…

There is Facebook page called The Kobe Blues Socity. I joined many months ago. I finally got around to putting up a post about our Koyto Concert. I thought it was ok, I had seeen other posting of that sort. Well short story, it was not. It was not a big deal but there was mention about attending a monthly Jam in order to get ot know people.





Skip ahead…


The Guitar player and I decide to go. Our drummer can not. Another friend knew of this place, he did not have a lot of good things to say about the Blues Society “leader”. Also there was past conflict between them and also our guitar player. However our drummer laso know him and has nice things to say. I say I am keeping a open mind with no expectations about the evening. I had been told, by the “leader” that 1/3 of the players are Pros or ex-Pro players, and to keep that in mind. I was not not sure what that meant. My reply was, I can flow, not worries.

We arrive the “leader” is on stage practicing with some guys. The place is still pretty empty. I take a look at the menu, which is pretty good, even for me to eat. I order, and get a home made Sangria, surprisly good. I sit, I eat, I take pictures, the “leader” finishes and come over and introduces himself. Hmmmm, his English is good, his vibe is …hmmm not bad, not good. He however not that way with my guitar player, I could feel the chill. The Leader goes off and chats with others. I hang out as more people comes in also some of new players entering I know.



Some time past, our friend who came with us, is the Bass player that I sub with at the Mosrite Club. He goes up and plays with the “leader” as they were in the same band before. After it is over I am given the ok to come up with my guitar player. There was to be a drummer to sit-in with us also a second guitar. Perfect I thought. I say what song and the key. The song “Hoochi Koochi man” starts slow but with a beat, the drummer never got it going. I kept using my arm motion to indicate the beat! He never got it, it was difficult to play with him. The Bass and Drums need to be the in thump and bump harmony. His beat was off and weak when it was on time with a weird pattern. We made it through the song but I was not happy about it. Next song up I gave the signals beat and started the song all he, the drummer had to do was fall in. It never happened, wrost than the first, I could not even get not the song. After it was over the leader came and brought up some different players. I was done for the night anyway, that last song was more than enough, to spoil stomach.

There was a bit of discussion afterward by my friend the other Bass player, about I did I feel about the set. I told him it was the worst drummer I had everlayed with in my life! Yukkkkk!!!!
There was some question much later of we had been given a bad drummer on purpose.
I did not want to speculate on that path much.

I do however feel the need for redemption for the songs poorly done. There will be a return to IZNT





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