Band on the Road

Band on the Road

I was off again early morning travel at the train station, but my frist band road trip in Japan. As stated my Matsuo-san, this is done Japanese style via train not van, or bus. I was to met up with Matsuo-san at a few stations up the line from me, from there we would travel together to Kyoto , there we meet up with everyone else.
Train trip was uneventful, we chatted a bit and caught up on my sailing reports with I am late with. Oh well, it is the holidays and I am American at times when I need to use my gaijin card. 
We arrived and found our way to where we needed to be. We were surprised the weather was good. There was a lot snow a week or so ago. On our visit we only saw one left over unmelted pile and a lot in the far mountains. One of my favorite places to see it, from afar.
We went to the venue, there checked in and did a song for a sound check.
The sound system was very helpful high-tech. A nice setup. Next stop was to locate our hotel. We set out on foot after getting direction from the information station after we had lunch. Lunch was tricky for me. Nothing really for me to eat. I ordered a salad. 
I got this little tiny smaller than MacDonald’s salad. Ehhhh?! Once I saw it I order another. Still not much for filling, but I figured I would make due until the rumored dinner that was later. So we head out to the hotel.
at hotel
It was not a bad walk about 10 min more or less. We went through check in. A taxi was ordered for me in the morning as I needed to leave earlier than everyone. I had to be back in time to lead my Chan class. We went to our rooms. The drummer was concerned that my room was much smaller than his, but at the same price. He offered to switch with me, I said no way, why? It is just me sleeping.
Ok, we head back to the venue there is still over an hour before we go one, but better to be there. We head back an easy walk and sit to watch a couple of the bands.
Finally it is our turn. Thing we well-organized we setup and went on. The first song went better than thought, after a discussion on what to play, a band already did a couple of song we had planned. We decide to drop one but still do another. 
First song went well. Second song, one Bass string was out of tune suddenLy, I had to tune while playing a song. yuk, I hate when that happens. Next song was so so. As where the rest. Drummer messed up a few times with the beat, guitarest mess up a few times as did I. Oh well. Overall it was good. We shpuld have shorten the songs for this venue. We are used to playing ina bar and jam so tend to stretch songs, more than needed in this venue. Oh well, lessons learned on our dime.
.once we finished our set another band started to set up for their part. They were the last band of the show, the heavy hitters. I heard someone say, let’s not do blah blah song. It was the one we just finished with, so other groups had the same issue, not repeating a song. We did one, but i think it was ok ,as it was a gospel group separating us and the way we did it was arranged different.
Once we got off the stage the photographer wanted to take our photo. We agreed. We also got individual shots done. 
He was good! I also found out later a picture he shot while on stage, was used for a poster he made.
Afterward we hung out. Took a group photo. Many went home. We stayed on since the drummer is friends with the host. 
I did not really have much to say. Just watched and listened. As it turned out there was no dinner, at least right away. There was snacks and non-alcohol beer…I hate beer taste… and passed. By the time folks were ready to find a place for dinner, it was too late for me. Also I was full enough from the chip snacks, I choose as did the guitarist to go back to the hotel for a hot bath and relax.
After some insistence we headed out in the surprise rain for the hotel. We were given abandoned umbrellas left in the racks, by forgetful people. We walked mostly protected back and checked in, for the night.
The trip home for me was fairly easy and interesting. I had a local train for an hour. 
Then changed to an express with reserved seat. That was nice. I fell asleep hard near the end that leg. I missed my station. I woke up with new not enough time to gather my stuff. Therefore I rode to the next stop and went back. I lost about 30 min, and it cost no extra money, so since I was fairly early it was not a big deal.
I made my needed train exchanges and made it home with enough time to eat, change clothes and go to my Chan class. It was a fairly ok trip, nothing really that interesting, and not as much fun as hoped for, still ok. We are asked back in the summer for another show. Maybe interesting, planned better with no need to rush home, and take LZ, for a outing. So we got some pictures , new connections, a change of venue, advise out of the deal, also a invite to return in July. Here is a song from the show.
Happy New Year everyone, catch on you on the flip side .

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