108 ya …aborted

It was my plan since I had the time and opportunity to go to the Kyudojo that I would do the New Year 108 ya shoot there, instead of at home on the 31st. I figured it would not be crowded so I could just settle in and do my thing. Wrong!! It was the last day the dojo was open so it turned out that a lot of people wanted to get their last shots for the year. It was crowded. I was surprised to see even the Kaicho. Even turned out I got a lesson. I need to relax at Hanari. I tend to force my release I was told, instead of relaxing into it. Small point but one of those easy to understand , but difficult to do. Reminds me of Tai Chi Chuan strike, one needs to be relaxed but still deliver power, by using the body and legs. So with Kyudo a good ground, use one’s body with the strength of the bow. Something good and worthwhile point to keep in mind.

So as it happens there is a note on the bulletin board that says these ( pointing with an arrow) papers attached are for me. The Kaicho gives it to me, it take me a moment to click in my head I am reading English. It is the paperwork for the Asian-Oceanic Kyudo Seminar in April. I am reading it through and am asked what it is by a couple of sempai. Since it was in English no one know what it was. I explained. After some discussion I am asked, are you going? why are you going so far, you can learn here. You are one of us! I was touched. Not their exact words but is what it all meant. 
Considering all, the cost, travel, timing, and that the shinsa is on my wedding anniversary it is most likely. Not a wise trip this year, at least to participate. I will do my Shinsa in Osaka. I would like to go to Nagoya to met a couple of people, but…hmm I see how the flow of the Force goes.
There was something that I did that cause a bit of a commotion during practice. I was using my iPad Kyudo app to track my shots and score for the day. Several found that most interesting, so much so they looked for one for their Phones and downloaded it on the spot. I was tickle seeing their excitement. Even an elder Sensei who has that stern quality about him, remarked he had gotten it smiled and did the thumbs up.
The day practice was good, I am glad I went. I still need to do the year-end 108 shot, but I will do it at the Bamboo Mantis Hidden Makiwara Dojo as planned. No line, no waiting, no long walk to recover arrows, simple. Easy break, time with hot tea, sake, and a snack. Good way to end 2014, close with some meditation, incense and prayer. Alone but not alone.


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