Chicago Rock – Dec


So it seems that we, the band, are booked as a regular monthly band. Just what I was hoping for as a minimum doing music in Japan. So that aspect has worked-out perfect as hoped for. Even nicer the lads in the band are cool. Many times there is one jerk, pain n the rear type.

We had a rehearsal last Friday to go through some new songs and a some practice on a few old ones. We have a couple things upcoming, the Tuesday (now past) gig at Chicago Rock B&S Bar. The following Sunday (upcoming) a guest spot at a Blues and Soul show in Kyoto. It will take some travel and effort to get there and we want to make a good impression. 
So the Tues @ Chicago Rock was fun. It was a long day for me as I worked the day. I had a sailing class to teach. Yeah, I was surprised also to teach this late in the year. Even more so when I found out I have another class in January. January teaching a sailing class in Osaka! Maybe the force will bless me with another good day. Tuesday was not bad, fairly mild temps, I dressed warm, and there was mild wind. This past week was ridiculously windy. This day was good. The person spoke some English which always helps things go smoother. Oh, and no rain! Unlike the past week class where one day of the two-day class was filled with rain and high wind. Even so the class must go on, when unpleasant. I worked around it as much as possible, but did need to spend a time in the rain as the winds abated enough to make some docking training feasible.
Afterward I head to meet up with the lads in the band at the club. I had made arrangements to get done with class early, so I could make the gig. As it turns out I had plenty of time. Enough that I could stop and eat a bowl of noddle at a shop. Kisune Udon. 
From there I went to the club. Still I was the first to arrive. So I hung out bit. Even when the guys got there the owner was still some 20 min away. The lads went and ate. I hung out with the equipment and played with a few selfie photo shots.
Once we had all setup, a friend from the Mosrite club cane and sat-in with us for the night. It was fun. Also nice to have another instrument to fill out the sound. I got a surprise that the guy and I could match our vocals easy. It was nice to have a fuller vocal sound as well. 
The club was not busy so we got to be very casual with our song list and playing. It was a good evening. The one bummer is I thought it was taping audio but nothing recorded. My bad for not checking in detail other than a glance. Oh well. Non-attachment…the memory is there. If we all live there will be other times, If we stay local.
So here it is Christmas 2014. It is a much better Christmas for us this year. LZ is off, unlike last year and has the energy to cook. We are having some quiet time, dinner relaxing being grateful. The wine helps.
Merry Christmas / Merry Festivus From the Zen Clan. 


2 thoughts on “Chicago Rock – Dec

    • Xie Xie ni , LongWang. This is the first I believe in all the years I read your blog, you have commented. Maybe the second. Not that I comment much on your, but…you now what I mean. A pleasant surprise. Happy New Year to you and the family. Stay warm and watch out for bears.

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