Nov…and the band played on

We have been fairly busy as a band this last week or so. I like it, gives me a sense of the old self back in the day, but a better me.

We had a real rehearsal finally. I pushed for that it was irksome not having some new songs and the mistakes in the current one. Even if not mistakes the looseness of it all. Anyway we had practice it was not as long as I planned as I had some issues finding the meetup spot, but we got there. Fairly nice place I have been in a lot worse. We did end up going into an escort type service place by mistake looking for the studio. We rode the elevator up, but they made us walk back down. I do not know why but I went along with it. I found out we were in the “red light zone” of Osaka.
 Rehearsal went well, we did learn one new song, and went over a couple of older ones to tighten them up. I was satisfied and now we know where the cheapest in our area rehersal studio is for the next time. We stopped for noodles afterward, hanging out like a real band, pretty cool I think.
Chicago Rock:
Our next gig there was a few days later.
This time on a Monday night, so I was not exspecting much in the way of a turn-out ($). I was surprised as the evening progressed more people came in. Also a couple of friends of the band lads. It was a pretty good evening overall. 
The sound setup is not good there, so sometimes I can not hear what I am playing on the harp or what #1 is singing. His voice is very soft and the music is loud. Other than the drummer saying just before playing one song , ” hope I do not forget the accents” then he does right after saying it. Sigh. Not a biggie, but irksome. It is one of our better songs I want to do it right.
Still, all in all things went well, we were asked for an extra song before we stopped for the evening.


Always fun to be at the Mosrite, even though it is not a paid gig, it is volunteer musicians raising money for some cause or another. It is nice to play with a larger group and more instruments. Also just doing a couple of songs and then watching or joining someone else is fun. It is to the point now that our group is established, we get to play a couple of songs with just us , then mix with others…or not. There is also the sense of comrades with the other local foreigners, locals and chats in English.
Mosrite is much much more an upscale venue, being in Kobe, a true night club. Where as Chicago Rock is a local bar. It is much more of a journey for me going to Kobe. It is a two-hour ride via train.
It is fortunate a friend lets me crash at his home, as there are no trains all the way home when we finish. He is also the organizer for the event so, the help goes both ways, when I come out. 
He also plays Bass and sits in with us on a couple of song, when that happens, I key to play keys, really more like I fake on the keys. This night, again we were asked to open, I said ok, well you play Bass I just order food, I am starving! So he had at it, I watched, until I finished then joined on the last song with vocals and harp.
Another friend had one of his two bands playing next. They were good, I enjoyed hearing them. Then the Jamming mixes started.
And later again we came up as a band and did a couple of songs. Thankfully it was not right after the hot group played. Even though it was not a competition.
I ended up after a while, toward the end of the evening, did some vocals and keyboard. I really need to work on them some more now if I am going to be playing regular. Problem at the moment is I am not sure what I am doing, and I can not hear what I am doing. So I keep my playing really simple…
…and kind of soft
…cause I need to focus
The keyboard is being run via the PA system. The speaker is set in a way up front at the keyboard. If I turn up loud enough to hear over the other stuff, I am way too loud, more so when I hit a wrong key/note…embrassing! Still it is all in fun for a good cause. A bit sad tonight had such a low turn out. Thursdays are hard to get folks to come out, unless it is something special. Last month the turn was good, this month not so much. Rumor has it that the belly dancers Were the big draw last time.

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