Black -n- White weekend

Weekend in B/W

I have an acquaintance in France I met via Kyudo, in Tokyo. He sent me a challenge via FaceBook to do a B/W photo a day post for 5 days. I took oa few days thinking on it and figured it would be fun. I accepted the challenge. I had plans for the weekend so it would be a good time to get some shots. 
I ended up with more pictures which turned out pretty good, than I needed so I decided to do a blog post and a small photo album of the Black and White weekend.
I started the project at home, first with a couple of yard and hood shots.

The next day I am off to Tajiri Harbor. I have made arrangements to take advantage of my perk as an instructor for Aoki Yachts. I am taking a boat out for a solo day sail. I had wanted to on my birthday but the office was closed that day. Today ( at the time, on Friday) seemed prefect. I have figured out that most of the time the winds here are pretty weak, compared to the S.F. bay area. The three times I went racing here, 3-6 knots, the classes I taught , 4-8 knots. Only once was there some fairly strong wind. The it was called for 10-12 knit winds with 15-20 knot gust. Perfect!
I got my gear ready, hopped on the bike and pedaled over to the marina. It was a great day, mostly sunny, cool temps but not uncomfortable when dressed correctly. I got the boat ready is was a nice 22 ft. This is a good size it was light and agile enough to move yet heavy enough to be comfortable. This is the size. I am leaning to when I am ready to buy again. It took me about 45 to get all in order and checked. That is after finding the boat. It was not where I was told by the office. It was dock an easier location for me. I was quietly grateful for the much easier access, being side tied to the dock.

Once i was pleased with everything, I cast off. It was a historic event in my mind. My first solo single-handed sail on Japan and the day was perfect for it. Fair wind not much chop, only a few white caps. It was and easy sail put on to the bay. It is nice to be in a large open are to sail after only a short motor. In Alameda open water was about 45-60 min away. In Martinez it was closer but limited. It was nice to sit a tack here and just go. After an hour or so I hove-to for lunch.

It was a pleasant lunch. It was a light but tasty meal. Thoughts drifted back and forth across the ocean, past to present. Many were the thoughts of gratitude. After lunch and meditation I set-out following the basic route of the races. Just to go where i had not been before, enjoying the wind, movement and the sound of the boat cutting through the wetness of the Bay.
Ahhh, it was a pleasant journey, alas time to return. The sail back was comfortable, an easy close reach to the mouth of the harbor. I did run into a bit a challenge getting the hacked on Jib down and secured enough to go onto the port. It took longer than I thought , but I was being careful as I was alone. Rushing is when “things” happen.
Once the boat was put to bed and everything returned to the office I took a few around the dock shots. Interesting because this is not only a yacht harbor but, a working fishing port.
I start my fairly short ride home. However, with B/W photos and that eye and mindset, I got distracted for a few in route shots. Therefore making for a longer, but more interesting pedal home.
It was a pleasant restful evening that night. Heater on, I caught on the “Arrow” tv show and a couple of other, with several glasses of Chuhai, before hitting the blankets for a deep sleep. Tomorrow I am off to Kyudo.
To be cont…

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