the Mosrite sessions- Oct


There was a problem with the trains. It is good I found out early. It was still morning when LZ checked on my train schedule. I needed to be in Kobe by 6:30 pm, we, the Matsuo band, was the opening act. So needed to be there on time. We started at 7:00. I told Matsuo-san about the train issues. I guess a couple of people had once again done suicide by train as a couple of line were down or it had caused a major back up so that a couple of line were screwed.either way I needed a different route.

We mapped it out, still I was going to leave early to be sure to make it on time. 

Sometimes plans work, this one did. I got there in plenty of time. Enough that I got the clubs keyboard set, and sound going, before the lads turned up.

Once the lads arrived it was only a short time before the MC was ready to get things going. We the Matsuo Band, were asked to kick things off. We were the opening act. I was kind of expecting that. Not many people there yet but we needed some sound to be happening.
I do not recall what we started with Matsuo San sang, I think it was, “Bad Luck”. It went ok as did the next two songs. Once we started to end to soon because that is where it sounded like Matsuo was going, however no. The next song was my turn. Again to me just ok. I was just getting warmed up, when we had to give up the stage.
A somewhat new duo was next they did a sort of acoustic set. It was pleasant sort of tasty. Another local group followed. These guys were well-known and sounded tight. I could tell they put some work and time in.
Next up was an all Japanese band, doing Beatles cover songs. They were pretty good actually, they also did three or four songs.
Oh there were some belly dancers in there also. Pretty good, cute entertaining .
Next up another poplar band, I know several of the members, I like their sound. Great trumpet player! A dance band, pretty tight sounding group. After they did a couple of tunes a harp player from Down under joined them for a song.
So now it is tine to switch up again and have more if an open jam. Several people came up a plated together. I joined them on harp for the Cream song Crossroads.
Last up is my group again we opened we are closing. The last group’s dummer changed To guitar and joined us. He has his own band but they did not play tonight. Also William the guy who set this all up joined us on Bass. I moved over to the keyboard. My first here in Japan doing public and only my second time live. We start with a slow blues, easy to follow. It went surprisingly well. Only a couple of oops from me which i covered. Our closing song was an instrumental up beat blues. Again it went well, meaning I did not blow it, sitting in on keyboard and not doing Bass. I had been watching and listening to a couple of the other keyboard players during the night, checking out what they did. It is easier playing with a group than doing solo piano. This is the closing song for the night. Our Band plus guests.
Everyone was happy, it was a good evening and funds were raised to help with someone’s medical expenses. A win win evening.

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