The band played on

I was off to the club, by now I knew the way pretty comfortably. The Super Blues thing went well, over all we could sound like a loose group of fair players. I would really like to get in some serious practice time, but that is another story…

It was another club night for us at Chicago Rock. My sister-law-said she was coming by. She had never seen or heard me as the musician and was curious, so her and Brother-In-law were in the mix for the evening. My first family showing since the new career.


I arrive easy at the club at what I thought was early, turned out to be late. On Sunday’s and weekdays, the band starts at 7:00. Oh well no one told me so everyone told me I was late they thought something happened, yes, no one told me. That is what I explained. So the leader, said it was his error. Oh well it was only 10 min after the start time, they were just starting. I said my hellos and got ready…and show time.
Some of the songs sound pretty good, others sounded too loose. That night the drummer, I thought was off many times. We had someone he knew show up to play with us. A Sax player, surprise we did not know, at least I did not. Matsuo-san and I thought he was coming by the Mosrite Club to play in the open Jam, not coming on the job. Not really a big deal but it would be nice to know how he sounded before showing at a paid gig to audition.
He played with is for several songs. I was not impressed. Nor was Matsuo -san, hard to play with he said. I was not impressed with his playing, it did not fit the sound we had. Besides not really liking the tenor sax sound. Matsuo-san and I both agreed in voting no way on this, if the issue came up of him joining. I was able to get a recording of some of the session. One recording of him playing and listened to by the lads, settled any question about adding his horn to the band.
Anyway, the night went fairly well in spite of the off start. My sister was pleased and they enjoyed themselves . It was nice they came out.
We have another showcase at Mosrite Club in Kobe next week. We are all looking forward to that. It is not a paying gig , but a fundraiser for misc charitable gift. It is a nice club, The Mosrite and it is usually fun with several bands and misc musicians coming in to play. It is where I got my start here in Japan and meet the lads.
The trip to go home took longer than planned. Someone had done the modern “Hari-kari ” via train, so lines were down whilst the cleaned up.

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