Zen in a Jodo temple

Monthly Zen night

It had been a while since I attended the group Zen sitting. I will call it a group sitting rather than a meeting since there is no real Zen talk, study just sitting. Anyway I had not been for a while since I had a Kung Fu class to teach on Sat. However since that fizzled out I am free again on Sat. I never thought Sat Night was a good night for the Kung Fu class anyway, but it was the only night given to me.
Ok so I made plans to attend the Zen sit-in. I was a bit apprehensive about going, not due to the sitting part but the tea time afterwards. Reason being with new people there, group introductions were in order. Meaning I would have to speak in Japanese, about myself. Also the head priest I had not seen in a while so I know he question me on how are things.
So, I rode with Sensei to the temple. There was only two other people there. We went in and started to set up cushion placement. More people arrived. Soon it was the largest group I had ever seen attend, Sensei as well was surprised. There was some 11 or 12 people a new record.
The sitting was good, I get to really focus on my Chan method, breath, chakra, linking with Shifu. That is a good thing about this. The environment and being able to just focus. When at home I have the quiet, but one tends to be thinking of things to do after. Here it is easier to really just sit in the moment.
It was a good sitting as I said. No bugs, good weather, good vibes, the temple is a good place to sit.
Afterward we went to the tea chambers, greeted the priest and took seats. There was a couple of people there who I knew from before. One woman, who I like and had not seen for awhile, even when I was attending. It was nice to see her, we chatted a bit. Another guy who studies acupuncture was also at our table. After the introduction and speaking with the priest, which both went well, we chatted a bit about Tai Chi. The acupuncturist also studies Chen Tai Chi and the woman studied some in her younger years she said. For a while we were in our own world until Sensei asked the acupuncturest something, which he could not answer because he was not following the rest of the group’s conversation. We laughed and said sorry we were watching a Tai Chi Video on my iPad.
At that point a guy who studied Judo asked about breath and Tai Chi, which was refereed to me. I responded with an answer and linked it to Chakra and Sitting Chan.
We finished our tea and cakes and ended the gathering for the evening. It was a pleasant Zen break.

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