Wakayama mini trip


LZ made arrangements for a mini vacation to Wakayama, as a celebration for our first year and success in Japan. Wakayama is surprisingly nearby. It was only about a 30 min train ride. It takes me longer to get to the clubs in Osaka and Kobe. 


We took a cab to the train station as it was a different line from the one near us. About a 10 min ride for about $10.00


Wakayama, feels like a different world. More countryside at first then city, much bigger than my area, but not Osaka of course. We catch the free shuttle from the train station. This service is coming to and end at the end of this month, when the new hotel owners take over. Too bad it is really convenient. oh well, everything changes, more so these days when it is about cutting cost.
We arrive at the hotel. It is a nice place at the marina harbor, overlooking the yacht marina. LZ got us a good deal since the visitor season is over. Balcony and bath with a view overlooking the marina. A Zen master once told me, I have said before “there is sadness within joy”. It was pleasant being here, however seeing the three Catamarans around the marina , one right under the window almost was a sad reminder of the lost of s/v Zen.
So the area was quite nice, did not seem Japan, palm trees, big yachts, etc. there was a pleasant lack of crowds as the season was over. There was not really a lot going on. We walked around the fish market and stalls.
There were a couple of places that had big spreads of plums. I heard this area was big for Umeboshi. I got to try a lot. Some were quite tasty and we purchased a few.
We had lunch on the public area overlooking misc stuff. Not really a good view of much Lunch was good, and fairly cheap.
There was a replica setup of a European town, with a castle. It cost to get in and was not worth it for us.



So we head back to the hotel to relax, read, watch TV, do Facebook of course.
The Italian Restaurant for dinner was pleasant and the food good. He Japanese service is of course great and they explain everything about the dish. Eg: these veggies came from our farm, this fish was catch blah blah blah. All this politeness and good service for no tip. Yeah, how cool is that. One of the nice things about Japan and eating out.
Breakfast was so so for me. Pretty much Japanese stuff and some misc dish from the buffet, also a spread of Umeboshi plums. Still I made do and eat just enough. I was hoping that the stall that had makuro? Majuro ?(sp) fish sandwich was going to be open but, no. We figured they closed down with the season. Kawaisou for me. 
So we caught the train and the bus shuttle ride and had an easy ride back home. It was nice to get away and not have a long long travel back home, so one could feel relaxed, and refreshed from going someplace to be relaxed and get refreshed.
So next up this Sunday another musical Jam. This time at the Chicago Rock Club were we worked last. It should be interesting. From the pictures, unlike at the benefit Jams in Kobe, these groups look all Japanese. I maybe the only Gaijin there. Good chance for some new contacts.
We, the band have also been invited to be a music event in Kyoto. It is called something like “Save the Blues”. Or Save Black music. Interesting. I saw the vids from bands there last year. All Japanese doing, blues and gospel music. Some where good, some where not to my taste. This is coming in Dec. we have been listed as the Special Guest from Osaka. As the “token brother” I will have to “represent” and raise the roof. Hahahaha.

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