the Mosrite sessions- Oct


There was a problem with the trains. It is good I found out early. It was still morning when LZ checked on my train schedule. I needed to be in Kobe by 6:30 pm, we, the Matsuo band, was the opening act. So needed to be there on time. We started at 7:00. I told Matsuo-san about the train issues. I guess a couple of people had once again done suicide by train as a couple of line were down or it had caused a major back up so that a couple of line were screwed.either way I needed a different route.

We mapped it out, still I was going to leave early to be sure to make it on time. 

Sometimes plans work, this one did. I got there in plenty of time. Enough that I got the clubs keyboard set, and sound going, before the lads turned up.

Once the lads arrived it was only a short time before the MC was ready to get things going. We the Matsuo Band, were asked to kick things off. We were the opening act. I was kind of expecting that. Not many people there yet but we needed some sound to be happening.
I do not recall what we started with Matsuo San sang, I think it was, “Bad Luck”. It went ok as did the next two songs. Once we started to end to soon because that is where it sounded like Matsuo was going, however no. The next song was my turn. Again to me just ok. I was just getting warmed up, when we had to give up the stage.
A somewhat new duo was next they did a sort of acoustic set. It was pleasant sort of tasty. Another local group followed. These guys were well-known and sounded tight. I could tell they put some work and time in.
Next up was an all Japanese band, doing Beatles cover songs. They were pretty good actually, they also did three or four songs.
Oh there were some belly dancers in there also. Pretty good, cute entertaining .
Next up another poplar band, I know several of the members, I like their sound. Great trumpet player! A dance band, pretty tight sounding group. After they did a couple of tunes a harp player from Down under joined them for a song.
So now it is tine to switch up again and have more if an open jam. Several people came up a plated together. I joined them on harp for the Cream song Crossroads.
Last up is my group again we opened we are closing. The last group’s dummer changed To guitar and joined us. He has his own band but they did not play tonight. Also William the guy who set this all up joined us on Bass. I moved over to the keyboard. My first here in Japan doing public and only my second time live. We start with a slow blues, easy to follow. It went surprisingly well. Only a couple of oops from me which i covered. Our closing song was an instrumental up beat blues. Again it went well, meaning I did not blow it, sitting in on keyboard and not doing Bass. I had been watching and listening to a couple of the other keyboard players during the night, checking out what they did. It is easier playing with a group than doing solo piano. This is the closing song for the night. Our Band plus guests.
Everyone was happy, it was a good evening and funds were raised to help with someone’s medical expenses. A win win evening.

The band played on

I was off to the club, by now I knew the way pretty comfortably. The Super Blues thing went well, over all we could sound like a loose group of fair players. I would really like to get in some serious practice time, but that is another story…

It was another club night for us at Chicago Rock. My sister-law-said she was coming by. She had never seen or heard me as the musician and was curious, so her and Brother-In-law were in the mix for the evening. My first family showing since the new career.


I arrive easy at the club at what I thought was early, turned out to be late. On Sunday’s and weekdays, the band starts at 7:00. Oh well no one told me so everyone told me I was late they thought something happened, yes, no one told me. That is what I explained. So the leader, said it was his error. Oh well it was only 10 min after the start time, they were just starting. I said my hellos and got ready…and show time.
Some of the songs sound pretty good, others sounded too loose. That night the drummer, I thought was off many times. We had someone he knew show up to play with us. A Sax player, surprise we did not know, at least I did not. Matsuo-san and I thought he was coming by the Mosrite Club to play in the open Jam, not coming on the job. Not really a big deal but it would be nice to know how he sounded before showing at a paid gig to audition.
He played with is for several songs. I was not impressed. Nor was Matsuo -san, hard to play with he said. I was not impressed with his playing, it did not fit the sound we had. Besides not really liking the tenor sax sound. Matsuo-san and I both agreed in voting no way on this, if the issue came up of him joining. I was able to get a recording of some of the session. One recording of him playing and listened to by the lads, settled any question about adding his horn to the band.
Anyway, the night went fairly well in spite of the off start. My sister was pleased and they enjoyed themselves . It was nice they came out.
We have another showcase at Mosrite Club in Kobe next week. We are all looking forward to that. It is not a paying gig , but a fundraiser for misc charitable gift. It is a nice club, The Mosrite and it is usually fun with several bands and misc musicians coming in to play. It is where I got my start here in Japan and meet the lads.
The trip to go home took longer than planned. Someone had done the modern “Hari-kari ” via train, so lines were down whilst the cleaned up.

The Kimono Saga

Back in the day, when I was making the change from Shibata style to the Renmei, I figured I would do enough test til I reached Yon-dan and I could wear my Father-in-Law’s Kimono. Well I found out several things since then. 

1. In Japan kimono are rarely worn for general practice, mostly for special stuff.
2. Some of the special events, anyone can wear a Kimono. 
3. My Oto-san’s Kimono is not a Kimono but a Haole, like a jacket, not the “Whites” from the mainland. Not appropriate for a Kyudo Kimono. 

So much for that. Still as a San-dan testing for Yon-Dan a kimono is part of the training, level, turf. For testing and events. I set about getting a Kimono. I found one on Japan Yahoo, which was said tailored for Kyudo. It is black, washable full length. All of which I heard was good. However i found out I need a Juban with it. An under kimono. I had planned on getting one from an on-line Kyudo store. That is until My wife said there is a used kimono store chain I should check for a better price. She found one, somewhat nearby. We went there and went to one store, they did not have it in white. However they called around to the other branch stores and one had just one. Maybe it would fit me. The other store was within a 5-10 walk. We went there, and spoke with a very helpful women, she had put the Juban aside for me. We checked the fit, it would work. She also said I would need this collar thing sewn on as not to ruin the Juban with body oil. They hd it there, costing three hundred yen for several of them. Ok, good deal we got the Juban and collar covers, for half the price of just the Juban on-line. We had lunch before going home.
Next up, I thought since Oto-san’s non-kimono will not work, an I am carrying on the family name use of the family crest would be a nice touch. I had checked with a person in the States to do the embroidery, however that was a last resort. lZ checked around an found a shop that would do it, which was on my way to the Dojo. I stopped in and asked if they had the”Mon”. It is a special Mon, so they thought they may have to order the pattern from a computer shop. It turns out they had it, at least they had one that was like it but more embellished. It could be simplified I am guessing. So I left the kimono with the woman, with instructions on were to place the mon. She said she could not do it right away as it was festival season and they were very busy. No problem said I, I am not in a rush.
After a day or two of thinking on this and checking it occurred me I had told her wrong about the placement. We quickly contacted her and explained. She said no problem it had japanese not been started. Whewwww.
It was arranged that I would drop off a picture of the correct placement. I did so a few days later with a print of the family Mon. Ok, I am thinking we are now on the right path. Then it turns out there is a seminar up coming in a couple of weeks. One of the things to be covered as a San-dan was the proper wearing and formalities of Kimono wear. Again we contact the woman at the company asking is it possible to have within two weeks. They were quite busy but would try. 
As it turned out, I was unable to attend the seminar, but still went by to get the Kimono. It was nice ready. There was a big apology but I said no problem there was a change of plans anyway. So the lady says in a couple of days. In a couple of days comes a call. She is concerned about the “mon” did I have it reversed by mistake? None of her patterns were like that. She did find one on an old book, but was concerned now. 
I checked a picture I had of the one built into Oto-san house. It was different from the one I gave her. Ohh snap! It was reversed! More phone talk, she did more checking, as did her daughter. It was a complex issue now. Ok, took a close look at the picture and see I had it hing upside down. And the image I gave her was correct. I dug up the original picture from Oto-san house and yes, the image I gave her was correct. She was relieved it was the rare single image found in the book. She could use that pattern. Ahhhh. Finally all was resolved. 
I felt bad that she went through all the hassle for me, so took a small thank gift of snacks by when I went to pickup the finished Kimono. It was just a small thank you offering, as we were expecting to pay a fair amount for the work. Their shop was on the higher end of the cost range we found, but convenient to get there. I gave her the gift, she was quite pleased. She told me the price afterward I was quite shocked! It was less than half of what we expected! Sugoi!
I picked up the kimono and went to the Dojo. I asked my Sempai for help with the correct way to wear it. I also asked about the correct way to tie an Obi. I have been trying for a long time to find the right way. I came up with a way that worked , bit it was different each time. Now that o was wearing a kimono I wanted to do it right! He instructed me.
After changing I went out to the dojo floor. Everyone was impressed. The Kaicho said perfect, several of the ladies gave me the thumbs up. Yeah I was all that for a short while. Once o got my gear together, the Kaicho took me on the floor and showed me along with a couple of sempai the in’s and out’s of kimono wear form with the Yumi. It was not easy. My legs and feet hurt from being in Kiza whilst going through the steps over and over and over. I was dying! Also my sleeves need adjust on both the kimono and the Juban because my arms are long. 
I did get the basic steps remembered, I am sure I may have forgotten some small part, but will be reminded again. I need to practice this a lot to make it smooth. It felt funny being almost topless in class.
Another lesson I learned today was not to ride my bike to class on a day I plan to wear the kimono. Unless i pan on taking a shower before class. Even though a cool day, I could smell my B.O. Also the Kimono is quite warm and heavy. A day of lessons.

Spiritual Kyudo

When I first started Kyudo I practiced with the Shibata Kyudo group. We had our class at the Shambhalah Meditation Center in Berkeley, Ca. I enjoyed it. We did a short 10 min mediation before class. Nothing deep, heavy, profound. Just a simple meditation, a clearing of the mind, releasing the thoughts of other things beside Kyudo. Within this school there are no ranks, the main focus of shooting is to “polish one’s spirit”, Not to hit the target. If fact if you never hit the mato, it did not matter. Your form mattered, your spirit when shooting mattered. 
In a way this was unsettling to some because if the Mato did not matter, then why even have it, was the thought. There were other things within this school that cause people to leave. Even the head instructor for my group was later expelled. I believe I heard it was because of her continued association with another expelled teacher, who often came and led seminars. I am unsure of the why of his ousting. Political things are kind of complex, I do not get it. Usually it is the person in power, whose power is threatened by the underlings not in 100% in agreement with the leader’s “way”.
The reason I left the group was because I wanted to practice in Japan, not due to the internal things happening. I just wanted to shoot and the “Zen/Kyudo retreats” were interesting, challenging and pretty fun, in a quiet meditative get-a-way sort of way. Most general practice in Japan is done via the Japan Kyudo Renmei. Shibata sensei’s school was not part of this group. In fact when I said to Nogami Sensei , Hanshi hanchidan, that I studied with Shibata Sensei group, his comment was; “Shibata is a bow maker not a Kyudo Sensei”. Ok, I thought, this is not ground I wish to walk on, and dropped the subject.
From there began my search for a Renmei school on Cal. I will not go into again what a long strange trip that was. Those who know, know.
So here, am in Japan, a San-dan, on the path to Yon-san. Whoa! I think pretty good for five years of study. However, ss pleased as I am with this path, my current teachers, I as stated before, question where this is going. Is all this about tournaments and rank? There is talk of spiritual advancement, cultivation of spirit, the person, within the Kyuhon. Yet I have seen a lacking of that development among some of the “advanced” players in some places. I am being vague on purpose. There is a large accent on technique. Yet the Kyuhon clearly states Kyudo is not all about technique. Technique is only the half face of Kyudo. Ok, So what is this “spirit”, Spiritual side of Kyudo? How does one learn it, if no one teaches it? Is it just a following of the rules of etiquette? “proper behavior? Rei?
What is this “spirit” of, within Kyudo? If one says anything about “Zen” training, meditation, many have a cow. Yet the Kyuhon speaks of Kyudo and “Standing meditation” in the same “breath”. Those few schools that speak of “Zen” training as part of the way of “balanced” Kyudo are pretty much disrespected by the internet forum Kyudo “masters”. I wish my Japanese was better so I could converse with some higher level shooters here in Japan, where in general there seems to be less of a duality. I spoke with a Renshi back when first starting with Nogami Sensei about Zen and Kyudo she basically said there is no separation. understand I am not speaking of “Zen” as the religion. I am speaking of “Zen” as a life style a philosophy and view of living, a “Do”. Perhaps that is the hangup of those “westerners” who get their panties all knocked up when Zen is mentioned with Kyudo. They can not see beyond the religion label.
Anyway, continuing. So there is a group called Muyushingetsu Kyudo they have a website on the states. They are the third Kyudo group in the States. Shibata, Renmei and this Muyushingetsu. I never visited them in the states, but my sempai did. His report was not impressive and I had thought found my direction at the time by then. I sent several emails from here asking about a school of their style here in Japan as I had read the master or former master was/is from/in Osaka. The results, no answers, zip! I tried several times. Nada, zero each time. Yet the website is still up. If I was ignored on purpose, that does not seem very spiritual or within proper etiquette for a sincere inquiry. I suppose spiritual persons can also be rude and jerks as well. Wonder if there is a rule book on being Spiritual, or a top 10 list on spiritual things you do or don’t do if you are spiritual? On the other hand the world is full of posers. Look at all the Priests out there doing the nasty with young boys. Seriously who can be spiritual and do that.
I digress…
I came across a post on Facebook about the style and it said there was a school linked with a Jodo Buddhist temple in the north. I contacted the posted and asked about getting in touch with someone from there. He gave me the name and email address of someone he said was a Sensei, who ran a Kyudo supply as well. I wrote, rather I had LZ write my translated letter. Lo and behold again no reply! Sigh. The poster had asked that I let him know the progress. Therefore I wrote to him again telling of the no reply. He told me his son once a former shooter from this clan and gave me his email to contact, he could perhaps point me to the right people. I thanked him.
Again I wrote this time to the son telling of my search and issues. I also resent the letter to the “sensei” given to me by the father. This time I tagged my letter with a return notice from the system to notice me if it was delivered, just in case there was an issue with that. This time I receive a reply. Although…rather weird seems to me.
The person said he was not a Sensei, just a disciple. He then asked if I could understand Japanese as he spoke no English so he could tell me about Yumis. I am thinking, huh, WT fukushima!?!? I wrote to him in native Japanese asking about finding a school, he answers me wanting to know if I understood Japanese to tell me about Yumis, nothing about a location of contact for a schoolSigh. Ok, I wrote the Facebook poster. He says ahh good for him being humble, he says he is no sensei but that is the role he does within the dojo. Also he says sometimes takes a lot of talking with them to get information. ok, I get that, the waiting outside the temple to test your desire bit.
So I write to him again, after my wife translates, stating clearly again I am seeking a dojo in or near Osaka. I am not looking for Yumi, bit a dojo. No reply! Again!
Meanwhile the son answers my letter. He says. Ahh I understand your problem I have been there in that situation. Then he says his advice is to try to locate a school in your area and go talk with them. Huh!? WT-Fukushima!?!
That is why I wrote you, I am thinking! If you have been there and understand, why not give me some help instead of telling me to do what I am already doing trying to find a school! unbelievable! Sigh.
Ok, it comes to me that I know someone in the states who I have a good relationship with who has guided me on my Kyudo practice in the past. He also does Muyugetsu his Sensei is from the clan and someone of some “rank”. I ask, can you give me, or ask about a contact here in Japan? I am told he can try, but his line and Sensei have been expelled from the “clan” for some reason. Oh good grief! I am thinking. He says this group tends to be cultist and demand strict obedience to the “clan” .
WTF is everyone trip’n?! ( slang term , meaning they are out of their bloody mind)
Ok, so jehzz. I am thinking, I did not need this. I am interested in the philosophy of Awa Kenzo, whether it was “Zen” or not toward shooting. Some have a cow also about if the book Zen and the art of Zen is BS or not because, the author did not understand Japanese and Awa did not study Zen. Sigh. Small minds, is that really the point? The moon is the goal the target not the finger-pointing to it.
This philosophy toward Kyudo being more than just target practice and a mind disciple does exist. There are others, beside the Shibata group who seek and have studied with more than just rank and tournaments as shown here. Enlightenment, hmmm I do not know. I suppose that would bring up the question of “What is enlightenment”? Perhaps it is not here but Hawaii where the higher aspects of my Kyudo desires lay.
Anywho, I am thinking more I should just study and practice what is in front of me, when the Universe offers more I will take it. Kind of the when the student is ready the teacher will come principal. My teachers now are good. I will just work on technique, tai hai, ranking. My Chan practice is complete for me and has everything I seek. I see the blending of Chan philosophy, stillness with motion, non-duality with my Kung Fu, sailing, daily life, connection to the planet and life. Perhaps that is all there is, and because that does cover all. I can as I did in the States do my own full training practice at one time Meditate, Tai Chi then Kyudo. I do not have a good space for that. However, one can not wait for perfect conditions. I will have to make do with bits and pieces, as now, until such a time I can make a whole. Perhaps it will come sooner than I think, with some new factors that have into play, life wise. 
On the other hand, when I understand more of technique with Kyudo, perhaps the rest of the puzzle will fall onto place as I define more of what it is I want, where I want to go. Yamashita Sensei gave me some teachings the other day on breath which I will post about later. I did understand better the breath of Kyudo and the breath of Tai Ch/Kung Fu from this lesson and something my Sensei in the States said about breath and the difference between that of Kung Fu and the breath of Kyudo. With this latest lesson I see the difference more, but, the sameness, not only with the breath but the space of non-breath. Like with music the notes are important, but the rests, the non-notes are perhaps of more importance. Like the white space on a page of graphic design. The quiet space, the stillness of meditation in a life of noise and movement.
On the other hand, maybe I am trip’n.

Zen in a Jodo temple

Monthly Zen night

It had been a while since I attended the group Zen sitting. I will call it a group sitting rather than a meeting since there is no real Zen talk, study just sitting. Anyway I had not been for a while since I had a Kung Fu class to teach on Sat. However since that fizzled out I am free again on Sat. I never thought Sat Night was a good night for the Kung Fu class anyway, but it was the only night given to me.
Ok so I made plans to attend the Zen sit-in. I was a bit apprehensive about going, not due to the sitting part but the tea time afterwards. Reason being with new people there, group introductions were in order. Meaning I would have to speak in Japanese, about myself. Also the head priest I had not seen in a while so I know he question me on how are things.
So, I rode with Sensei to the temple. There was only two other people there. We went in and started to set up cushion placement. More people arrived. Soon it was the largest group I had ever seen attend, Sensei as well was surprised. There was some 11 or 12 people a new record.
The sitting was good, I get to really focus on my Chan method, breath, chakra, linking with Shifu. That is a good thing about this. The environment and being able to just focus. When at home I have the quiet, but one tends to be thinking of things to do after. Here it is easier to really just sit in the moment.
It was a good sitting as I said. No bugs, good weather, good vibes, the temple is a good place to sit.
Afterward we went to the tea chambers, greeted the priest and took seats. There was a couple of people there who I knew from before. One woman, who I like and had not seen for awhile, even when I was attending. It was nice to see her, we chatted a bit. Another guy who studies acupuncture was also at our table. After the introduction and speaking with the priest, which both went well, we chatted a bit about Tai Chi. The acupuncturist also studies Chen Tai Chi and the woman studied some in her younger years she said. For a while we were in our own world until Sensei asked the acupuncturest something, which he could not answer because he was not following the rest of the group’s conversation. We laughed and said sorry we were watching a Tai Chi Video on my iPad.
At that point a guy who studied Judo asked about breath and Tai Chi, which was refereed to me. I responded with an answer and linked it to Chakra and Sitting Chan.
We finished our tea and cakes and ended the gathering for the evening. It was a pleasant Zen break.

The Super blues session


Oct 5 th was the day of the Blues Festival called The Super Blues session at the Chicago Rock Blues and Soul bar in Osaka. I had thought is was just some local this bar only thing. As it turns out it is part of a larger music venue that is held once a year. I had no idea. 

Super Jam

I arrived fair early the start was at 5:00. I went direct from a very informative Kyudo practice which I will write about later or next. Which is still later than now, so later is a good word. Digression…
I arrive early as I in front of the place grabbing a few pictures some other young musicians show up. They are checking me out, I nod to them and let them pass ahead of me to the club. I arrive at the door there is a bit of a back up, seems there are already a fair amount of people there so there is a bottle neck at the door. I kind of hang back. Slowly I start into the door. The owner sees me and says. ” ah Fuu san, yokoso. Hire? I did not understand but nodded. He ways me through the people back up and takes me to the stage area. There he wants me to play Bass for a guy doing a hawaiian song on a steel guitar. I say , ok. and the guy hand me sheet music. I am thinking ok not a big deal. There is a cord chart here. The guys shows me what he is following and the two songs he picked out. Hawaiian paradise and Blue Hawaii. Ok, he is ready and starts. The first song went terrible. My fault for listening to him, not counting. I was listening for the changes and should have just counted from the sheet. My bad. Next song blue Hawaii, Matsuo-san my band leader shws up and says he will play cords. Big help. blue Hawaii I had heard and played before, a long time ago. This time i counted and read rather than just listen and read. It went much better. That done we finished.
Matsuo-san introduced me to the drummer playing with us since our regular drummer was not there. I was thinking this was suppose to be a loose Jam session. As it turned out we were the opening, head liners of sorts. 
We ended up doing four songs. Me singing three. That was the big deal. A real Black American singing the blues. The songs went well, as did the recordings I did. Last time it sucked. This time I got the digital unit working and recorded the show.
Matsuo-san’s girl friend also videoed on my camera after I showed her how it worked. So I got some decent material to review after ward. I am getting used to playing and singing again after years off. So my comfort level is increasing and I can stretch out more with performing.

So around the second song I am watching the people in the room build up and felt like we were hogging the stage time. However it was all good. Those there enjoyed hearing a native speaker sing. Still. I felt kind bad, so we stopped after four songs, to let another group on perform. As I am leaving I am asked by a couple of bands to sing with them. That was quite shocking. I had to decline. I wanted to get home before the typhoon which was approaching hit and i would have to walk in the rain from the train station. Not cool with my equipment. So I politely said no, another time and slipped out.

ON the way home after leaving the club, we stopped next door for dessert. A treat from Matsuo-san.


On the way out again this time to the train station, outside of the bar there were several musicians playing there on the street, just jamming and enjoying the evening.

It was a good experience overall and nice to feel appreciated. A big fish in a small pond.

Wakayama mini trip


LZ made arrangements for a mini vacation to Wakayama, as a celebration for our first year and success in Japan. Wakayama is surprisingly nearby. It was only about a 30 min train ride. It takes me longer to get to the clubs in Osaka and Kobe. 


We took a cab to the train station as it was a different line from the one near us. About a 10 min ride for about $10.00


Wakayama, feels like a different world. More countryside at first then city, much bigger than my area, but not Osaka of course. We catch the free shuttle from the train station. This service is coming to and end at the end of this month, when the new hotel owners take over. Too bad it is really convenient. oh well, everything changes, more so these days when it is about cutting cost.
We arrive at the hotel. It is a nice place at the marina harbor, overlooking the yacht marina. LZ got us a good deal since the visitor season is over. Balcony and bath with a view overlooking the marina. A Zen master once told me, I have said before “there is sadness within joy”. It was pleasant being here, however seeing the three Catamarans around the marina , one right under the window almost was a sad reminder of the lost of s/v Zen.
So the area was quite nice, did not seem Japan, palm trees, big yachts, etc. there was a pleasant lack of crowds as the season was over. There was not really a lot going on. We walked around the fish market and stalls.
There were a couple of places that had big spreads of plums. I heard this area was big for Umeboshi. I got to try a lot. Some were quite tasty and we purchased a few.
We had lunch on the public area overlooking misc stuff. Not really a good view of much Lunch was good, and fairly cheap.
There was a replica setup of a European town, with a castle. It cost to get in and was not worth it for us.



So we head back to the hotel to relax, read, watch TV, do Facebook of course.
The Italian Restaurant for dinner was pleasant and the food good. He Japanese service is of course great and they explain everything about the dish. Eg: these veggies came from our farm, this fish was catch blah blah blah. All this politeness and good service for no tip. Yeah, how cool is that. One of the nice things about Japan and eating out.
Breakfast was so so for me. Pretty much Japanese stuff and some misc dish from the buffet, also a spread of Umeboshi plums. Still I made do and eat just enough. I was hoping that the stall that had makuro? Majuro ?(sp) fish sandwich was going to be open but, no. We figured they closed down with the season. Kawaisou for me. 
So we caught the train and the bus shuttle ride and had an easy ride back home. It was nice to get away and not have a long long travel back home, so one could feel relaxed, and refreshed from going someplace to be relaxed and get refreshed.
So next up this Sunday another musical Jam. This time at the Chicago Rock Club were we worked last. It should be interesting. From the pictures, unlike at the benefit Jams in Kobe, these groups look all Japanese. I maybe the only Gaijin there. Good chance for some new contacts.
We, the band have also been invited to be a music event in Kyoto. It is called something like “Save the Blues”. Or Save Black music. Interesting. I saw the vids from bands there last year. All Japanese doing, blues and gospel music. Some where good, some where not to my taste. This is coming in Dec. we have been listed as the Special Guest from Osaka. As the “token brother” I will have to “represent” and raise the roof. Hahahaha.