Ni-dan the closure


I have been getting some practice in at least once a week. For the most part it seems to be going well. My hit ratio is up, even with put keep an official track of it like I was before the shinsa. Just knowing that I get generally two out of four shots…mostly. 
Of course I still receive corrections, and most time my hits fall off after that. Normal, since then I am thinking about the correction not so much hitting.
I am back not to thinking more about my form rather that the hit. Like when I first arrived at the dojo. Basically doing basics. I know I can hit, most times. Now I need more details in place, inner and outer.
My SanDan certificate has been at the dojo for a while. It was to be handed out at the monthly meeting this month. However for me, it turned out to be on a Monday, my Chan teaching day. So I missed. sensei Watase said it was no big deal, he could just give it too me later. I was expecting just a casual here it is, congrats. However…
I went to the dojo this past Thursday. I arrived just before end of lunch as I usually do. I was on the floor when the Senseis’ ( what is plural for Sensei?) came back from lunch. I was called over and told to get ready to accept my certificate…basically.
I was taken over by the Kaicho to a spot, the other Sensei and couple of sempai lined up behind them. The certificate was read and then handed to me. It was all quite informally formal. Nice.
I turned and thanked everyone for their help ( and others not present) in making this happen. I know it would not have been so without their help, I was quite grateful.
I have my other certificates but this one I have framed and hung on the wall. I had to really work for this. 
I worked for Shodan also, but differently. NiDan not so much. SanDan I really put in the effort. There is a bit of pride when I see it hanging over the weapons alcove in the studio.
I have figured out I can attend the Yon-dan Shinsa in Dec., however I decided to wait. Part to do with money. Registration is in Oct. I am having my family Mon put on my Kimono, that costs, my Renmai chapter dues will be coming up soon as well. That added to some family stuff says I should wait, to keep peace in the house. Besides it gives me more time to prepare and there is no need to rush. It will be a big personal milestone, but realistically little more than a pride boast. So therefore some self-discipline and restraint is good. 
Before Nidan there was commitment and practice, after NiDan there is commitment and practice.

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