Old men under a tree

It has been about 2.5 mos now working at the Silver Center. It maybe less but it seems like more. It is draining physically. With the heat and the last several jobs have been clearing hills sides. With climbing up and down, raking, bagging, loading the truck, wheww not pleasant for an old guy just starting this kind of work in his retirement years. For real not what I had planned. I have been joining the group with naps at lunch time. Today, we ate then everyone finds a spot in the shade under the tree and sleeps for 30 minutes. That part goes too fast.
I am grateful, without doubt for the job, but I certainly do not look forward to Tues and Weds, my days to work. It is the happiest moment when it is time to go home on Weds. I think , whoohoo, I made it again!! Yatta!The days I work afterwards I am pretty useless when I get home, I just want to shower, eat and sleep. I am hoping as the weather cools and I get more used to this, things get easier to bare. I wonder what the sempai that do not seem it be effected and do this everyday handle it. Not all of them have been doing this all their lives. One guy the other day was showing me how to tie a knot correctly. He was very patient and helpful, he said his job before was something to do with ropes, that is why he knew about knots. I did not understand just what he was saying but I got that much out it. 
So, anyway the last two weeks have been at the same location. We have had to clear growth from around a man-made lake or reservoir of some sort. The hill-side was at least 45 degrees angle at most places sometimes more. Sometimes the guys had to tie a rope on themselves to walk and cut with the trimmer/cutter. Then I would go behind them and rake the cuttings. These cutting are not like grass, I am talking, bamboo and the like. Grass that is 3-5 ft tall. Once I gather it into groups, these are tied with a line that has been lowered, then hauled up the hillside and loaded onto the truck. I forgot to bring my camera. What I need is a tiny digital easy to pocket one . However not worth the investment, what with the small readership here of two or three.

Anyway, it is not a bad job, just tiring, the local are nice. The summer heat makes it a bit brutal at times. A few weeks before that I had a day we went around collecting dead flowers and offerings from the local cemeteries. That was kind of nasty. The decomposing flowers and fruit in the summer heat. I was expecting to see a rats, but thankfully did not. However on the last stop, there were some serious big roaches!! Yuk! Yuk yuk! So glad for my rubber coated gloves, even then I did not want to touch stuff. I had to force myself to get over it and just take care of business since I was all covered from head to toe. 
Life is full of change, to survive one must adapt. These days of what seems to be a spiritual darkening, not a new age of enlightenment, it is even more important to maintain ones center and adapt. All those years of putting myself through college, having a decent job, at one point my own office, 25.00 an hour, designing, sometimes a manager, all that is history, nothing but a memory. This is a new time. The condo, the boats, sports cars, nice while it lasted. Now collecting garbage, raking weeds, worrying about falling off the side of a hill into a drainage ditch is the present. Not the retirement life I planned, certainly retirement gone awry. Still I am living in Japan, healthy, fairly comfortable and doing for the most part what I wanted. 
Teaching Chan part time, teaching sailing part time, practicing Kyudo, reaching San-dan, a good life mate, joined a band.
Many only dream of this good a life life. Things do not give true happiness, things come and go. It can be a blessing to be an old man peacefully (and safely) napping under a tree. I looked at the sky through the marvel mazing of the tree branches and gave thanks.


2 thoughts on “Old men under a tree

  1. That sounds like a rather zen sort of job, where it’s best not to think about anything, just focus on what one is doing instead of getting depressed thinking of other things one would rather do at that time. I hope it gets easier for you or some other opportunity comes your way.

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