Down to the NiteClub

My list of things I wanted to do in Japan was, Sail, teach Kung Fu and study/practice Chan, do ceramics, Kyudo and restart playing music.
This for the most part it has or is coming together.

It looks like I am finally hooked up with what will be a regular music-group, a trio. A more or less Blues Trio. We have two gigs coming in Sept. This past Friday, I went over to Chicago Rock Nite Club. Matsuo-san, band leader and another guy were playing. I was scheduled to come by and basically sit in and rehearse for our gig next Sunday. We were lacking a drummer that night as Mukesh could not make it.
What is interesting about our combination is we are all more spent lived in the Bay Area. Both Mukesh and Matsuo-san are from Japan, but went to school in the Bay Area. So we all speak English, they are fluent in Japanese. We met in a round about way via the Blues 4 Bali shows and another Japan resident from the States. We have played with each other but as yet have not all together yet.
This will be the members of the Matsuo Blues Band.

So Friday I sit in with Matsuo-san for a set. It is basically him and me doing a live rehearsal and promo for our up coming gig end of Sept there. It was kind of cool. Even with no drummer a couple of the songs sounded pretty decent. With some rehearsal time and drummer we could sound pretty good. The people at the club enjoyed it. Of course around 9:00 pm when we played they were all pretty faded (slag for buzzed), so almost anything would have sounded ok to them.
I did make the decision to go back to playing a 4 string Bass and give up the 6 string, at least for now. For the kind of tunes we are playing it is not really needed. Also it takes more practice than I have time for to get the chops I want, for what I want to play and sound good, all whilst singing and playing the Harmonica. I do like having the extra low string, perhaps I will sell the 6 and get a 5 string. That is a good middle ground I think. I see, I also have my late brother’s 4 string so I will play with that for a while.
Ok, so back to the club, the other guitarist playing with Matsuo-san played again with us on the last few songs. He does a good job on sounding like a Black Blues man when singing. I am not that pleased with my voice on the songs. Although others have said I sound good. I think part of it is the weak sound system at the club. I did not get to adjust the tone. I will try that when we play there again.
MAtsuo blues band
Here is the last song of the night. I am not sure if you can view this link to Facebook. 12 bar shochu blues.

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