In search of Yondan

It was a rainy but warm day. It felt like the topics as I stepped out into the world on a Summer Sunday wet afternoon in Osaka. I was prepared for the wetness I thought. I had on knee high shorts, sandals with no socks, an umbrella, and most important my Yumi wrapped in a plastic bags. Plastic has some value (but not in the Oceans.) My new Yumi.
Not just new to me, but new, said in gratitude to the Universe, new unused! I did a fair amount of research, before selecting this one. I spoke with two owners, both were satisfied , I purchased a Bamboo core, covered in carbon fibre Yon-sun Yumi. I sold my Symansky Yumi which is 18kg. Usable but to much strain on my shoulder I felt. It was sold to a guy in the north who has done Kyudo for 50 yrs. Sugoi. He was pleased, I was pleased it got a good home. The cash from that plus a couple of days salary from the new job, covered the cost…and it arrived before my birthday and the Tai Kai. This is only a 14kg, my Bamboo was 15. I figured this was a good weight, for my shoulder. Enough resistance that I can feel the Yumi but enough to relax into the position and focus on the stretch, the expansion to to release.
Today was the beginning of the relationship, our journey to Yondanship.
It was a good day at the dojo, cloudy, rainy. Not many people there. only two by the time arrived. and they left soon enough. I even took the time to do a bit of meditation before shooting the Dojo felt that peaceful. Totally I had the place to myself for the last hour. I got in some nice solo time practice with the new Yumi and some picture time.
 photo 1
 It was nice to just get in some shooting time, no worries about corrections. I got to spend sometime just feeling the Yumi. The balance, the vibration, the spirit. It has a spirit, the inner Bamboo gives it a different, feeling than just a carbon or Fiberglass, bow. It feels close to full Bamboo. I like it.
This Yumi feels like my old 1st Yumi. The weight of 14kgs is good. It is enough that I can somewhat lean into the Bow, yet, I do not struggling with the power so I can focus relaxing into the position, into the draw. Especially when expanding in Kai I feel the weight is right. I can focus on expanding correctly, and relaxing rather than shifting chi to brace the Yumi power.
The Tai Kai is next weekend. I will not be the factor to deal with I had the brief fantasy about, what with having the new Bow and basic undeveloped skill, however I will be there. Perhaps even get a couple of hits.
My next thing is to get my Kimono in order. I have a Kimono for shooting. I need the inner lining still and I want to have the family Mon embroidered. I said it needs to be white, right!?? I was told by the Sempai.
I encountered a woman at the food market on the way home tonight. She saw my Yumi and asked about it. Where I practiced. etc. She also asked why I do Kyudo.? I did not have the words to explain fully or clearly. I will need to work on that. What she got out of it was, balance. it gives, me, helps me with Balance in life, it is a challenge, it is interesting. Her son does Kyudo, she was trying to understand why, better. She was the first person who asked why I do it. It gave me pause for a moment.
These random chats with locals is always a surprise and interesting that they are brave, interested enough to speak to me. hahaha, the high point of the dinner conversation.
Maybe I will name the Yumi, Kannon ( Kuan Yin). My first boat was named that. The new owner recently wrote me saying he was setting up a blog on her upgrade. It is a good name for a Yumi.

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