Everyday people


I have been working steady at the city job now for a couple of few weeks. It is not that hard, but not easy starting a totally physical job at this age. I am looking at it as “Fu” training as everything is that anyway. This is my upper body training paid workout time.  I am only doing it two days a week. It helps survival protocol 1.

“Survival only the strong can survive…Grand Master Flash and the furious Five.

After the first couple days of trimming park bushes, the rest of the time I have been on cleanup detail.
Meaning most of our, my work has been “bush” clearing on overgrown land. The Sempai cut with power saws, I rake, and gather, then load on truck. After the Sempai have done with their cutting, then I get some help. One would think, oh ,just bushes… This gets heavy fast with a lot of them. Additionally a lot of this work has been on a hillside of some sort. Sometimes Holes, glass bottles, trash. The other day a sempai said something to me. It took me a long time and being shown a dead one on a stick, that he was talking about snakes.
The area in the shot below the green background came all the way to the road.

I have soreness in my left forearm from the raking, I switch up sides to compensate. It is like old school training both arms/ side to use a staff, spear or whatever weapon. I look at it as staff training, when raking, other times, tiger fork, using the fork. Sometimes it is just new muscles, sometimes it is about lifting wrong. Having a martial art background, I analyze movements, and when I am doing them and something starts to hurt, I need to figure out why and adjust or adapt. It is kind of like Kyudo, if you do not hit the target, you figure out what is you are doing out of balance with the shot and correct it. Here I can figure out a way helps use muscles more harmoniously. Like using more waist and less arm when raking, legs when lifting. Stance when lifting and twisting.
Everything is training, the world is our Dojo. Makes things more interesting, less boring. It really is a meditation practice. This fork, this groups of bushes, lifting this load.
The Sempai I have teamed with so far have all been nice and easy to work with. The other day the “Kaicho” took me to the dump with him, to unload the truck. Huge place, so much trash, stinky, it was interesting. Something your everyday gaijin does not see. below is a pix of 1 shoot of 6. over a 20ft drop to the bottom of trash!
We get a break from working about every hour, for seems like 15 min. Then an hour break for lunch, after everyone eats they usually take a nap. I am the youngest of the lot. Most are in their 70’s and 80’s, fit old dudes to do this kind of work. Even not consistently hard, it is, can be a challenge.
The photo foreground below, looked like the background of the shot before we cleared it, high as the start of branches in the second tree, at least 6ft tall.
I had another bit of a shock the other day, when one of the supervisors stopped at a store while dropping me off at a work site and treated me to breakfast. These everyday people are nice. I have not gotten any sense “weirdness” from them. I speak, they speak, I work, I sweat, they work, they sweat. We are sweat brothers.

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