The Stranger in a strange land.

I never thought I would be a city worker in Japan. This of course adds another dimension to my blog. A whole different set of people to interact with. I am sure this is different from your other expat life in Japan blogs. Even the one who are not teachers, the blue collar chaps and the uppers. Hmmm Although I am also a teacher here, one of a whole different group of people than what most foreigners encounter. Although not understanding a lot of what being said limits my understanding of the people, but that will grow.
They speak to me like I understand. Most of it, I do not. If they are just chatting away and not about work, if I hear the word, ne at the end of a long phrase. I just say “so ne”, or “ne” and they are happy. I do not give the impression that I want to have this long conversation with them, nor that I am not friendly. So they usually stop talking after a few smiles and head nods. Sometimes just “Hmmm” is good enough. Work stuff I figure out. That is stuff that is fairly thought-less to comply with. After a few words, motions, points and replies, I just have at it. “It” being whatever the task is at hand.
I was called again to come work with the “Silver Center” on another landscaping project. LZ was told now, all I have to do when I am free and want to work is to just show up. They will not call. Nice, so I can set my days. Which for me Tues and Weds steady are enough. I need to pursue other …opportunities.
I worked yesterday. Last time it was a park. I trimmed greenery there. This time it was some land that needed clearing. I was assigned a rake and pitchfork. It does not look hard, however in the sun and heat, working the side of a hill, lifting, pulling, carrying, It gets tiring fairly quick. I am in fairly good shape, but this is different muscles used. I was beat when I got home. Good thing I have a low ego , because it would be bruised. I am the youngest one on the crews! These Old gents just go at it. Of course these sempai have been doing this stuff for years. I sat behind a computer, being creative. Now down to the root of survival, physical labor.
Survival, only the strong can survive“…GrandMaster Flash and the Furious Five
The nice part is we get a lot of breaks, seems like 1 every hour. About 10 min or 15 nice. 
I have to remember to bring my camera. Not that the shots, views are all that interesting, but just a different view of part of this area, than what Johnny and Jennie Visitor sees. I am a resident you know. A local, in a small Coastal city, in middle Japan. SO different from the life in the big City of Philly, and from the small country town in Virginia years of youth.
Does not seem like we have been here over a year now! What a long strange trip it’s been.

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