Another door

So now a whole new door of Japan life has opened. Back in the Autumn of last year I registered at a local Silver center. We had a very faint hope I could get some work which having good Japanese skills. I took a free class they gave on tree trimming. It was interesting. Since then I had not heard from them. Well only once to confirm some bank info.

Out of the blue I get a call to start some work. If I like it I could be a regular. I reported for duty at 7:00 am as asked. everyone was nice, I was introduced all around to the different crews. No way I could remember the names. I just call them al Sempai. Most of what was being said I did not get, but the important stuff I did. I was the junior member. Not only in time but in age. I was given a small saw and told which crew truck I was in.
We headed out about 7:30am to the park. Once there my duties where shown to me. I was given a helmet, and a towel. I had gloves so I was ready to go. I also had a face mask since I learned I have allergies here in Japan to this new pollen and stuff. I had a bad attack after doing some yard work for the Aoki’s. Weird it was the next day that I get hit! Anyway, I digress…
We worked for an hour, then took a break. This happened several times, I got the pattern. Every hour a break. Then a hour for lunch. It was not hard work , and lucky not too hot. At lunch everyone ate, then took a nap. I sat in lotus a napped on the first day. The second day I laid down also. I may use this time in the future to do some Tai Chi whilst they sleep.
The work as said was not hard, but toward the end of the day, my arm was getting sore and weak from using the trimmer. Otherwise I was fine.
The day ended at 3:30pm we were taken back to the office. I was asked if I was tired, etc. I said not too bad. Looking forward to a shower, dinner and Chuhai. They got a kick out of that.
These are all older retired guys. I got asked the usual questions. Everyone was nice. I did not feel uncomfortable at any time. So now I am a city worker. Wow, who would have thought. Better than being an English teacher, going by some of the tales I have heard. Not as good of money I think, but less stress and more control over if I want to work or not. Also no kids grabbing my butt! That would not go over well with me at all, they would have to send me home.
I is a blessing to get some additional work. Two days a week would be perfect. I do not want to burn out and I still have other tasks and jobs to do. It is unknown how often this will happen and it also depends on the weather. Rainy days no work. For me it would be perfect just to work on Tues and Weds. I was asked to come in today and Friday, but I said I am busy and to call my wife when I am needed again next week. I was told ok.
So doing this, plus teaching sailing, kung fu, Chan, the private yard work I do, puts us in a fairly comfortable position. LZ is hoping to change jobs soon. She has two interviews next week. If that comes through she will be happy. Closer to home, less stress. Close to her mother for an easy visit. More pieces falling in place for us starting our second year in Japan.
So far everything has been a blessing. We are grateful on many levels and to those who helped make it possible.

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