We be Jam’n

Blus 4 Bali in June

I had just finished my apprentice sailing teaching class at Aoki Sailing school and was heading off to. Kobe for another monthly Jam session. One of the girls in the office gave me a ride to the train station. It is weird speaking with someone in another language. Sort of fascinated that you can communicate something, at the same time hoping for quiet so nothing will be said that you can not figure out and things get tight, energy-wise.
Anyway, the convo was light I got most of it, and I was dropped off at the station. I decide to have something to eat there since I was near to a really good udon place. I went in and had a nice hot bowl of Kisune Udon, the time i finished it was pouring rain, as in buckets. I was pleased I was next door to the train station and the rest of the next couPle of hours would be on the train mostly. Still I picked up a 1.00 umbrella, since I was near the dollar store. It was a good place it it came in handy after the club.
The ride to Kobe was long. This time I made the trip without the aid of a map. I felt like a local! I was also able to do it on the way home, no map.
I arrived at the club in fair time. Early enough to see most of the players. It is kind of nice to walk in and get greeted by people you know. Tonight was a special guest was in the house. A music legend in some circles from the 70ds. He is still playing and currently just back from a European tour. We met near the door when I entered, almost right away. Introduced by a mutual friend. All being from the Bay Area. We chatted a bit, nice to chat, blah blah I made my hello rounds and started getting ready for my curtain call.

I expected things to be a little different than planned in the arrangements tonight. However quite a bit from what i was expecting. I was called and asked to do something with Paul Jackson and a couple of other unknowns to me just a local band. I had planned on playing a couple of songs with a some certain people. I did end up with my drummer for one song. 
So Paul did a song , and I played Bass for him, he did keyboards. That is not something that happens often. Then we did another song. This time him on Bass, me singing and doing harmonica. This time i did not have the drummer that knew what i wanted to do. This other guy was good though. He did make it Funkier than what i expected, to that threw me off a bit but was ok once a adjusted my head to. Sadly no one got pictures of that time, Paul Jackson backing me up. 
We did one other song with Paul singing, played Harp. It was really more of Jam than a real song.
The rest of the evening as pretty normal with groups playing varied members. I sat in with another band on Harmonica again. The usual overload of Harmonica players was less to night. So I got to play with an all Japanese band doing blues. They were good. The night wrapped up with the usually c-yas. I spent the night at my friend’s as usual when I go to this. It is fairly near we catch the last rain from the club and make it there easy.
The next morning I head out for home. Again with no map, just memory cells. I awake at 6:00 am after not sleeping most of the night. I arrived home about 9:00 am. I did stop for breakfast and a convenience store so it was not all spent travel. Also tea with my friend in the a.m.
So to was a long day having done the sailing class, which went ok. Considering I had to do it in Japanese. And some of the things the guy just did not get so i had to be creative. I think he got it it at least mentally. Could he do it in practice that is different, but i did not need to have him try fortunately. We were out earlier and the sea was a bit rough, more than this man could deal with with out more time, which was out for the day. His was just a very basic class, so it was ok.
It was a long but good day.

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