The plot thickens…

I thought there was the a tragedy afoot. Two nights ago, I did not get much sleep. For some unknown my knee started hurting and got worse as the night went on. By morning I could barely walk. The worse and ,y real concern throughout was no way I can do Kiza! I do not know if there is enough time for me to put in to the shinsa to do the standing form. Will it make a difference? That was a big concern. There was no reason I could think of for the knee problem. 
I had a Doctor appt that day for my BP, so I told him about the knee. He did not seem the least concerned. Maybe because I did not make it an issue. It was however a little better by this point and LZ had given me some Japanese patch. I could not only walk by then I had rode my bike to the doctor. It was painful but doable. I could feel an improvement over late last night.
LZ was of the mind it was my body reacting to the anger I had from the recent contact from the nut case in Tahiti. I did not think so. I thought more likely the new shoes I purchased. Even though I had only wore them to walk to the store and back about 30 min total. Still I thought it weird that my Pain did not start until many hours after I had removed the shoes.
Anyway I changed to some old shoes just in case and went about what I needed to do for the day. taught my Chan class, rode the bike a little, took the train to my PT gardening job, cut the lawn and did some yard work. The pain was there but not so bad at times. Still it felt painful to bend and no way I could do Kiza.
The next day I went to Kyudo. The knee felt better but still weak. I told the Kaicho about the problem and asked if I could learn and do the standing form just incase I was not healed by Sunday. This was not a problem I was told. I thought I would need a Doctors note, but as it turns out only needed was a note from someone of rank at the school. There was also something about since I was not a testing mudan I could do the standing form. So that was a relief.
On the way home I stopped by the acupuncturist office since I go by there to get home. I was told he is open the next day but only in the morning. I said ok, I will be back and told him my problem.
That evening the pain lessened I could feel a recovery. It felt almost strong enough to do Kiza. Late that evening I tried it, and it worked, but shaky. My range of motion had also increased, but I did not want to over do it. We had gone out to dinner over at our friends that evening and wore good shoes since we need to walk and if the shoes where the problem and did not want to reactivate the problem with the new shoes.
This morning my knee felt almost normal. I tried Kiza and it was fairly ok. Still I went to the Acupuncturist just in case. He checked me over, plugged me in, massaged, punctured, soniced and taped me. I feel ok now, very little discomfort and my range of motion is full again. I tired Kiza once and it was doable.
Tomorrow I go to the Dojo again. I will advise Sensei I am healed enough. I did consider going with the standing form anyway, I felt like I would be cheating of sorts since it is so much easier to do. Still without really needing to and I passed I would feel somewhat lessened in quality and status…like I cheated. So I will give the knee a full rest today and a test Tai Hai tomorrow. If it is ok, I will be back on track and reshift my full my concern on back to shooting.
When I was shooting the other day, the Kaicho watched. I did not receive the usually open your chest more comment, just I needed to raise my right elbow a little more and think to make elegant image when I am in Zanshin. So I must be making progress, even though my hit rate sucked. I was also given the list of questions selections that will be chosen from not only on this test but also the Yon-dan test. I thought maybe I was getting special treatment, but it is only in that I am getting the translated version as I saw the Japanese version posted on the dojo wall. Very different from the states where it is like a big mystery. One has to go on line and search what someone had posted questions from years past. Then it is said these questions have shown in the past, they may or may not be on your test now. The list I was given had two sections, about 8 question in each. Next to it was a check box for the rank testing, from Sho-dan through Yon-dan

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