Another day another arrow


It was another Kyudo day. Sat at Kishiwada Gym is a busy day. Last week or last Sat I was there, there were Judoka everywhere. Today there were Kendoka everywhere. It was packed. The kyudojo was also busy. High school students, and regular folks. I thought most would be gone when I arrived but no!

I stalled for a while hoping it would clear up, but the regular peeps showed up so it stayed busy all day. So I just merged. 
I found another person testing with me next week. Also spoke to another I knew of, seems I am not the only one with the jitters. 
Overall I think I shot well today. I always learn something new. Yamashita Sensei was there and watched me shoot. Of course I got a few pointers. One not to do with shooting but how to return the bow proper to Toriyumi position. He answered a question I had about being in the Tai Hai line up. The Kaicho was also there helping. I think I am making some advancement. Even if it is small. There are some things that are repeated to me and I try to implement but easier to understand than to do. I do try though. This is how i failed my first try at SanDan trying to do what the Sensei said at the seminar instead of just shooting. 
I do worry sometime if I’m frustrating to the Sensei saying some of the same things over and over. I was told by a Sensei in the States when I was looking to join his dojo that he gets tired of repeating the same thing to students who do not remember. Therefore I could not join his school unless I could attend every week. Well I do remember, however sometimes it takes a while to do. Even when attending more than once or twice a week.
Well anyway. There is a week of training still ahead. I will go to the dojo three times this week. It is good to attend Kishiwada, at the other Temple Dojo o could only go in on SAT and Sunday. Here the only day they are closed is Monday. The Shinsa is Sunday. I will rest and meditate on Sat. Embracing one of the Kihon Taikei. # 5 Working of the Spirit and Spiritual Energy.
“One of the characteristics of Kyudo is that it demands strict self-control and stability of emotions”

By this time next week it will be over. A thing I read in Mad Magazine in my youth comes to mind. “Why Worry” only two things can happen to you. You will live or die. If you live, you have chances to do better, so no worries. If you die only two things will happen. You will go to heaven or to Hell. If you go to heaven, nothing to worry about. If you go to Hell you will have a lot of friends to see, so Why worry! 🙂
Well in this case only two things will happen. I will pass or I will not.
If I pass then I have to go back to practicing to get better.
If I do not pass I have to go back to practicing to get better.
So why worry ne!
There is also the Zen saying about before Zen you chop wood and carry water, after Zen you chop wood and carry water.

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