Count down to Shinsa

My expectations for practice at the dojo have changed. No longer do I hope for an uninterrupted practice, I expect that not to happen. And funny enough a little Universe joke, I had it. Well at least for about 30 min. When I arrived everyone was leaving or had left for lunch. I sort of planned that. Anyway I was able to get a few shots in without distraction.

When the Kaicho showed up he said he had something to tell me, or something like that. I knew he wanted to speak with me. What it was they, the Osaka Renmei was concerned about my written test. So they had the Kaicho show me a list of questions that would show up on the test, to see if I could understand them. 
I explained yes I could understand what was written. However there were a couple of terms I had not heard of but I could study from the Kyohon. I asked if I could copy the questions. He said sure ok. How cool is that! There were two sets of questions, part “A” had Kyohon questions, parts “B” had why did you start Kyudo type questions. I wonder if to meet Japanese girls is a wrong answer? However seriously I know exactly what to study now. That is a big help.
Ok, so on to shooting, yeah, corrections. More expansion of the chest. It also seems I am still bending my wrist to wrong way during Hikiwake. I will need to correct that. I think I finally get what the Kaicho was saying about my Daisan. He said I was coming directly down from my Daisan across my face into Kai. So I moved my Daisan out more so I could come down at an angle. However that cause me to throw my shoulder back at a weird angle. I need to take the middle path. Only about a fist away from my head and angle in from there, whilst moving my elbow to pull on a straight line back, but do not cut off my pull in from of my face. Also I need to have my Torikake more to the right of my head. I am too shallow. When I follow what the Kaicho is saying to me while he is there, it is scary how straight the arrow flys and I hit center. I just need to do that consistently. That is the hard part.
One thing I notice perhaps more so today when even the Kaicho was getting advice from a younger sempai. Is that everyone at least upper ranks get help from others. I see the Kaicho often correct Watase Sensei even though the Kaicho is a ( slightly) lower rank. Even the Kaicho today was being helped with raising/relaxing his shoulders today by a Godan (she maybe a Renshi now). Then he turned around and helped Watase Sensei. Most interesting. I do recall my Sensei in the states asking me to watch him though for errors or adjustments needed in his form. It seems to be an on going process of learning , adjusting, readjusting. I often see upper ranks come into practice and miss many shots.

One of the things I took notice of today was Yukake inner lining. What the Sempai had said to me the other day was still on my mind. More so when i looked at my hand a certain way I could see the lining. Also the design pattern on mine made it look dirty. I could see where a white one would look better. I checked out the others, most where white today. Hmm I thought. Ok, I have some purple ones I will start wearing. It matches the tie, that should be ok, and it will show dirt less than a white one and match my trim misc.
I asked another classmate who is doing Shinsa with me, how she was. She laughed nervously, I understood the wordless communication. Ganbarimasho I said!

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