Count down to San-Dan

am so tired! My legs are beat! I road the bike to Kyudo on Tues. Then I had a gardening job on Weds. It was a 50 min bike ride. Easier than going to Kyudo I thought. However it was up and down hills !! sugoi! Then today another ride to Kyudo. 1.5 hrs each way if you did not know! By the time I got to the Dojo I was already tired. Not having a full night sleep did not help. Bloody mosquito or something kept me awake. Grr it is the season of the mosquito. Anyway, my legs are worn out. Saturday I will take train to the dojo. I will just ride my bike to Japanese class. tomorrow then to the train station to go to the gardening job.

Ok, so I went to Kyudo. As. I arrived somewhat late I knew I would not get much undisturbed practice in. I really am grateful for all the help from the upper ranks Sempai, but sometime I just want to practice, polish what I know. Not possible when you are corrected on each mishap. I kind of dreaded going on the floor today as I knew I was being watched by at least four sets of Sempai eyes. Again it is really really helpful, but …
So I set myself mentally for whatever was to come…did not make it to my first round of shots before being corrected on my vision height and entrance timing. I have not been looking at four meters in front more like 2 meters. Also my timing and breath for the entrance and bow have been off. I was adjusted. I spent some time working on that, then the head Sensei says, don’t worry about it so much, do some shooting (0_o). 
Ok , next I went into Tai Hai,…adjust, adjust. 🙂 
I have been taking notes. I will process all this and implement. One day I will be good, it will pay off. So here is the advantage of training in Japan. In the states, at least with my Dojo. I was the highest ranking student since my Sensei was just starting his new school. So in class I got very little adjustment, attention. I was mostly helping teach. When there was a seminar near, then the other schools in the area held a group mini training seminar, and we (I ) got more advise and adjustments from elder Dans who were the instructors from other schools. Mostly as a group and it cost to attend. 
Now I am, surrounded by helpful by Sempai, most of who are Renshi who give freely individual advise. This is a true case of yin within Yang. I receive plenty of good help, but I can not polish what I know. However, I know now when to get to the dojo for undisturbed time. I have two weeks left to implement and polish. 
While speaking with another Sempai. He was telling me he will be there at the testing dojo taking pictures. I said I was nervous, he said you can do it! A vote of confidence. It was nice to hear as my hit rate was down today. 
Today’s low rate caused me to change my plan on a daily practice on the week before the test including the day before. I will not. I will put in four days of practice the week of, and take a day of rest the day before. I do not want to be burnt out, tired and weak on the Shinsa day. I will also not ride the bike much that week. 
I try not to make this into a big deal. Keeping in mind the poem about the archer and his skill when shooting for a prize. It is much easier said than done. This is where the Chan practice of non-attachment really is needed. I will put in some extra meditation time that final week, instead of over doing the physical part. However the Shinsa turns out, shortly after is another day of training at the dojo. Yosh!

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