Back to training

Back to training. The musical break is done for now. Maybe maybe I may venture out this upcoming Sunday to see a couple of new friend’s band and sit in ( meaning play with them ) a bit. However no long practicing days or evening to get a few songs together. It is now mostly all about Kyudo.

I had said I went to practice last Thursday. It was a good day. Unexpectedly picked to do Tai hai with the group. Got hits with both shots…Yatta! I also got some pointers.
Yesterday I went to practice also. I am seeing a pattern. When there is an up coming Shinsa and it is known you are in it. You are called on to do Tai Hai at the dojo with a group of others. That day I was #2. Number 2 or 3 s my favorite position. Also one gets pointers on corrections more than your everyday stuff. 
I met a student I had not seen before. I went in to the Dojo later than usual. He was there in full Kimono. I thought he was a high rank, the Kimono thing. Turns out he is a San-san, and was just practicing with the kimono, later he changed. He is up for Yon-dan next month. We are doing the shinsa together. He also speaks English. That was the big shocker, fairly well. Unlike the one or two words, like some. We had a conversation in English. He studied in the States for a yr. in Arkansas! ( another shocker)
What was interesting he said he has to read the English version of the Kyohon, because there are foreigners who visit Kishiwada from time to time and he is asked to help. He is an English teacher. I found this interesting not only because there are that many foreigners who drop into Kishiwada, but I was just saying the other day to LZ, that I really should go for Renshi. Perhaps it is not so silly for me to go for Renshi even staying in Japan. I thought who wants to learn Kyudo in Japan from a Non-Japanese. However…
That way I can help explain things to students like myself who do not have a large command of Japanese. Maybe I can get there before 70 if I work hard. Who knows maybe even get some respect back in the States…or even Europe. Yeah I know that is reaching 🙂
Again I am surprised by the amount of details in the course of learning Kyudo. Yes there is just eight steps ( Shao-hassetsu) to the shooting, but…big BUT…there is all the stuff leading to and from those eight steps. I was shown, last week the proper way to judge my Toriyumi posture, how to go into Toriyumi. The San-dan I met the other day was also shown this when I was there along with myself again from another Sempai. My entrance bow timing was corrected. The angle of my Yumi being lowered from Zanzen was corrected. The height of my yumi tip when turning while kneeling (Hirakiashi). Sugoi.
Oh, I had a big surprise ( a day of surprises) after speaking with one of the Sempai about something I was kneeling to remove my glove. An older new student comes to me and kneels in front of me and says some things. I did not get it all but. the basic of it was a senior Sempai from the school came in and watched while I was shooting or doing Tai Hai and shooting. He said I was good. Now on it’s own that is not a big deal. However, I have no idea how I am doing other than the Shinsa to judge. It is not the Asian way to compliment students or praise them. Unlike a sailing school I worked at in the states where it was a given practice and understood that one needed to encourage the students with praise and compliments. That this senior Sempai (A Sensei) said something on his own to others is huge to me. So even though my hits for the day was low, I feel energized. Yosh!

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