A Musical Interlude

Blues for Bali 2″ took place this past Thursday. It is a long trip for me to make the run out to Kobe about 2 hours. I am kind of the The Traveller or maybe the I-ching calls it the Wanderer. Hmmm ok whatever. I went To Kobe to attend the Fund Raising event.

It made for a long day of sorts. But really no more so than is usual as a p/t musician. One works then goes to a gig for the evening. I went to Kyudo, it is my focus for the next few weeks so it is kind of like a job. It was a good shooting day even with several corrections on the dojo floor about things I managed to hit four in a row. One jut barely got the edge of the mato, but it was in the Mato. So I think that counts. Anyway all that is another story.
The ride ride to Kobe was long. Longer than planned since i missed my stop and ended up riding a loop twice. It was so crowded the first time I could not see from my seat and I could not understand the conductor, nor see any changing sign on the train. It was not a big deal, I was not going to play until later, I still arrived about the time I said I would. I just thought I would be earlier.

I am pretty sure got to see everyone that was there to play, play. I chatted with a few people before as well. There were a of fewer people there this time, which was a disappointment to me. Really the biggest of which was their was no keyboard player. Just a bunch of guitarist and harmonica players. One harmonica player kind joining in. Generally not in key! To me it got to be annoying the off-keyness. Sometimes painful at least to me. He was a fair player, but wrong key wrong key wrong key. Sigh.
Another thing I noticed is a least for this one guy. He is a pretty good guitar player and sings ok for the blues. But there were a couple of songs, which I knew the words for and what he was singing made no sense…at all! I am all like “huh”
I took a bunch of pictures with my Nikon this time. A few came out quite well, a lot just sucked. Not focused. Even though shooting with autofocus I need to slow down the shot and watch the focus point better. More should have been clear shots. Most of those shots, I shared with the players on Facebook who played. I handed over my camera a couple of times to friends who took a few shoots for me.
Ok, so I had been working on three songs for the night. I ended up doing one of them and did it almost completely different than was planned. I thought there was another Bass ( my host) and a keyboard player. Instead there were two guitars and me, with a drummer. So I had to come up with a new rhythm on the spot, since the other song (s) I needed to, wanted to do with other players than those with me currently on stage. The players rotate in a Jam setting as this was. Anyway it turned out ok. I only sang one song the night but played on three or four. Which was ok. I was not really feeling it that night. The bands were like too loud, even with my earplugs, turnout was low, no keyboards.
There was one really bad moment. No one knew about it but me. I was playing and my Bass started cutting out. As in sound would cut off for a few seconds then back on. Another friend just happened to catch me in a shot just as the first time it happened.
The guys who put the event on, was pleased about the turnout . He thought it turned out well. I guess overall it did. I was I guess caught up in what I was thinking it would be.
Just playing live on the spot, is at times fun, other times painful. Like when people are in different keys. The one song I sang, turned out ok, judging by a small bit of recording later I heard. Once I got past my what I was expecting and dealt what what I had. Mindful of the moment, those Zen things just keep coming up. Still I would love to put something together …tight Quality sounding.

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