no more complants…

I thought I was going to die. Ok, that is a bit strong and dramatic. I thought i was going to pass out. Hmmm ok, maybe still too much, I thought i would at least fall over from lost of balance. Either way i was seriously suffering. I will not complain again about being Omae. That is a piece of cake compared to Ochi ( last in the line). Pronounced as Oww chi!!

I went to Kyudo today thinking, ok, target practice. It was crowded. High school students, and newbies to Kyudo were there. It is kind of funny being treated like an elder. But yeah I am to them. I do not get to think of that often struggling as I do to make headway. Anyway I digress. I had only gotten one makiwara shot in and a Sensei is counting heads. I thought oh oh, this is not good! Yup, he says Fuu-san join us for Tai Hai, Sakai Style. That is where the test is being held and the entry is reversed. ok, sigh, I join. Where is Fuu-san going someone asks. The Sensei says last. Oh snap! Last is 5 times worse than first. Ok, I think, ok training yosh! 
One of my regular Sensei had adjusted my kneeing stance, Ikasu to have a lower left leg. I was practicing that, OMG! I was shaking, and suffering. I thought I would not be able to stand, it was taking so long when it was finally my turn to shoot. However I pulled it off. Also got a hit on my first shot! Yatta! I will need to practice this Ikasu more at home over the next few weeks , to be ready!
Second round Kiza was worse, it was hell waiting. Again I pulled it off, by pure will power and Shaolin training spirit. Just in time I was able to stand. once again surprising myself I made a hit. Sugoi! I thought! I could have put both knees down since I was in the back and no one could see me. That is one advantage of being last in line, but…sometimes, no pain no gain.
Ok, now to get out of here, I thought. Mostly I did ok. I did not have enough steps leaving so I was corrected on that. I also double checked my exit pattern. It was a good move. So now I am clear on both ways to leave the testing floor next month. No matter where I am in the line up.
I found out today that the Main Sempai that is always helpful to me is just a San-dan. I thought he was higher. Not that it matters but I was surprised. We may test for Yon-dan together at some point. I do not think he is testing just yet. I also found out another Semapi, who just passed San-dan last testing, I believe, she is testing for Ni-dan same day as me for San-dan. When we found out we said at the same time, ganbarimasho and did the Japanese fist/arm thing.


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