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These next few weeks is Intense Kyudo time for me. I have to put my distressed feelings about the unfairness of the boat issue aside. Since in my heart I feel I did no wrong, I can slept and train with a clear conscience. People suffer greater injustice at the hands of agents of the darkside. I need to focus on Kyudo. In a sense this part of all the trainings of Kyudo, Kung Fu, Zen, Tai Chi, put aside the distractions and be in the moment. Focus on the task at hand. My challenge at hand is the upcoming Shinsa.

Yesterday I replaced the Yumi grip and put on a new string. Today I went into practice. I needed to pay Watase Sensei my registration fee then I figure to just practice on my sighting of the mado. Find which line in the wrapping would put me on target.
When I arrived some of the group was looking at the new pictures on the website from the recent Tai Kai
I was invited to see on the computer. Hey, I am in there more than once was a surprise.
I changed and warmed up. I got in couple of shots on the Makiwara and one round of shots on the Mata. Hitting two of four. Sweet! Sensei returned and we took care of business. Next he asked me if I have been doing Tai Hai since he had not seen me. I said yes, almost daily. He smiled. Ok, good. Then he said a few things I did not quite get. I did part of it. He wanted me to do the entry to the floor. However he was explaining something different. It took me quite a while to figure out he was showing that the entry to the test place Sakai is done with the right foot starting, because of the dojo placement. Once I understood that it all clicked. I had learned that from a Sempai at one of the former Dojo’s, Suita. I asked my Sempai there since the doorway was different than what I was use to. Anyway. Ok it clicked what Sensei was saying he and everyone smiled in relief that I got it?
Next Sensei called a group of five together. He wanted me to do Tai Hai like I am at the other Dojo with the group. I was to be Omae! Ehhhh, ewwww, I said! Sigh, ok. Let’s do it, everyone laughed. For the most part I went through it without a hitch. Afterward I was shown a couple of things. My Ikasu was correct on the first arrow, Haya. However on the second arrow, Otoya, I was doing Ikasu to late. I was told to do it before lifting the Yumi, unlike on the Haya. He also told me my turn leaving the line was off. I was crossing my steps at the turn. A no no. 
He showed me how to step and leave if I was last in the line, Omar (sp?). Also to watch my foot does not angle when doing the half step back to go to kisa. Another Sempai gave me adjustment on my distance between my feet and how much to raise, not to raise my heel when walking.
Later shooting I received a few misc adjustments. Over all as much small things as it was I am thinking I did ok. I am feeling fairly confident about the Shinsa. My hit ratio is up. Still low, but I have located the spot to aim from and what adjustment I need when I get tired. Over all now I thik my hit will increase over the next few weeks to an acceptable ratio. When doing the practice Tai Hai for Sensei I hit with my first shot! Which is just what I need for the Shinsa. I was nice to get so much help today. I feel like I being cheered on for the Shinsa. Yosh!
Ganbaru Fuu-kun

more test

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