The Dark Side

darth  yachter
As there is the moon to the Sun, water to earth, there is Yin to Yang in all phases of life.
Same as with our experience with here in Japan. For the most part it has been good, and for the short time we have been relocated here it has been very good. Still for life with a mouth there is also an Arse.
There is a bit of ugliness that has shown itself. The guy who had me go to Tahiti to work on his boat is being a jerk. We spent many many hours and days helping him in America and charged him nothing, even though he offered to pay something. Then in Mexico he still needed help with his project back in the States, LZ made calls. 
So in Japan he pushes for me to go to Tahiti to help him with his boat, installing a auto pilot and some misc chores. Saying how it should be no trouble for me, he has the directions in English, if I have a problem I can ask someone at the yacht shop, etc etc. LZ is hesitant, we can not guarantee the operation if something goes wrong, it could be a problem. he still pushes, it will be fine. no problem he says. ok. I agree. There is a list of things he wants done. Sail repair, lights, auto-helm, some wiring, sail issues to fix, adjust. 
So I am in Tahiti and it is a struggle dealing with him as posted before. However I did everything he asked, plus more. He checked out and approved everything afterward.
6 days into his return trip to Japan the auto-helm stops working. This is not a unusual problem. The internet is full of people having issues with this unit. One guy wrote on his Japanese blog that he went through three of these units on his Pacific Ocean trip. He said he really made a bad choice. The company states this has to be chosen correctly for the boat, the sails have to be balanced when using, etc etc. still they have a large amount of warranty returns for this item and many people saying on the internet this unit is junk. However this guy is blaming me for the breakage. Saying I installed it wrong that is why it broke. He wants me to return ALL his money. 
He is trying to intimidate LZ with his temper into refunding the money. She is willing to pay in order to avoid the hassle and fight with him. I say no way! We have been told this guy has a reputation of being a hot-headed jerk around town. I saw his behavior in Tahiti when he does not have his way. Like a kid! I will not be bullied into this.
LZ says oh I thought you are a person of peace. Yes, I am but I will not be pushed around. I try to live without causing harm, but I will take no crap if it is not my fault. I will take this as far as he wants. I have a list of complaints from the internet on this item, I will get the police involved if needed for his trying to extort money from me. I will fight him in court and countersue, he has a business, and assets. I will make him work and pay for his rudeness and insults. I will expose his affair with a married woman, I will speak to friends with Yakuza connections if he wants to go that path. I have observed him he does not have big money or connections. Empty barrels make the most noise. LZ wants to try to work this out reasonably first. I say ok, I will be still, and quiet until he pushes. Then I will use Tai Chi principals when he attacks.
The latest is he is upset because I did not try to contact him while he was sailing to see how he was doing and he was having a hard time sailing. So I have to learn a lesson.
Sigh, in life there is always a dark side. When one embraces the light, you need to be prepared to defend against the dark. When you feed the mouth, there is always the Arse to wipe. This is the purpose of Shaolin Kung Fu, to defend the temple, the spirit, the family against the dung of life.
Am I wrong here? Seldom there are comments, but how about some feedback.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. You are right. You were operating from a good helpful position while helping him. It would be a good idea to document all that you have done for him with dates and places. Especially the work done in Tahiti. Sounds like you already have a lot of documentation as to how bad the device is.

    They say pick your fights and this sounds like one to not back down on. I don’t think violence would be a positive thing to do. Being still and quiet like you are doing is probably more effective. Don’t respond to him, it’s what he wants. Document when he contacts you and what he says. If he leaves voice messages or emails save them. I don’t know much about the court system in Japan but I am sure having documentation and evidence is important. If he starts harassing you and LZ go to the police. It’s not okay to let bullies bully.

    I hope he gives up on this because obviously he is not very effective in dealing with problems or accepting when he has made a mistake. People like this no one needs in their lives.

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