Flowing with the Tao


Well things here, like spring are starting to flower. I just returned from a sailing trip yacht delivery job from Shizuka to Osaka. I was not planning on it being fun. It was not. However I will not go into that here. After some thought about it. I have decided to open another WaterWorld blog. It is Zensekai2japan.wordpress.com for anyone interested. It is already live, but does not have the latest adventure to Shizuka on it as of this posting… yet. Later tonight most likely.

I thought those who have an interest in sailing but not in my other stuff would prefer to read that. I seemed to have more sailing hits on the old blog than here. So I guess there is an interest. Water World is a whole different bag.


If I am wrong. Oh well. It has happened at least once or twice before.
On another front, my Kung Fu class has started at the cultural center. Yatta!! It started a couple of weeks ago, but now it is rolling. One of the female students who attended the trial class has returned and joined. I am pleased with that. It gives another dimension to the learning process for them both. It also makes it feel like a real school/club
After almost a week on the water it was nice to do some gardening today. Even just pulling some weeds and watering the plants. Seeing how much they have changed in just a few days is interesting. My feather leaf maple has new leaves now. It is quite lovely and a good choice for the garden.
We purchased another bike for LZ just before I left. This time from the local recycle store. No hassle, no police, just sign and pay it is all done. lZ loves this bike a Panasonic. I did not even know they made bikes. I rode it once when I needed to put air in the tires and thought it was a nice bike. lZ got to try it whilst I was away and she loves it. Perfect for her, gears, height, and weight wise. Very nice riding bike. I like Panasonic products, I have for a long time. We are looking into a Panasonic bread maker. I had heard it was one of the two top brands on the bread-making market.
Next week starts my Japanese boating license class, the last day of the class Afterward I am off to Kobe to play in a benefit for some kids in Bali. Then helping with Oka-san’s move to our area. Which will be followed the next day by me heading to Okinawa.
Once returned from that there is a Tai Kai at my Kyudojo I am signed up for. Busy busy busy. I like it, busy is a good thing.

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