Faces of yin and yang

There are those who think Yin and Yang is just about positive and negative, male and female, water and earth, winter and summer it is more than that. It is also states of being, energy, form and formlessness, action, non-action in daily life

Yin: Kyudo – the student
I went to Kyudo today, it was suppose to rain so I treated myself to a train ride. It was a nice change. Saturdays afternoons are fairly busy there at the Dojo. I will have to keep that on mind for the future. Morning are the beat time to go, then get in a little quiet time during the lunch break then cut out afterward. I missed Y-Sensei I was checking as he was checking out. Not a biggie. I will see him next time. “If the Lord be willing and the creek don’t rise”.
When the Kaicho returned lunch he gave me a form to fill out. I am guessing he spoke with Watase Sensei, the head of the Kishiwada Renmei. W-sensei had asked me if I wanted to be in the next month’s Tai Kai. I said ok but I had to confirm with my calendar if I would be back from Okinawa in time. So he gave me his phone number. LZ spoke with him that morning. She called him early to respond to the Tai Kai. Also I had questions about testing if my shoulder was going to hold me back. If so I would forget testing and just shoot for me. I have been getting so much attention due to it. However he thought I should wait until the Sept exam, but not because of the shoulder, but because he had not seen my Tai Hai and did not know I have been practicing that as well. Er, yeah I digress, Anyway back to the paper, this paper had to do with exam or the Tai Kai I figured. Elementary deduction Watson. It was the latter, or is it the former? I always get those mixed up. Anyway it was for the exam, not the Tai Kai. He needs to register me with the Main Renmei group.
So on to practice. I did not shoot at the mato today. Once I came out of changing, the Kaicho wanted to see my Hikiware. He had me me draw with this Yumi that was so weak it seemed like the string had next to no tension whilst knocking the Ya. Which was good for understanding my draw issues. I got it, but I really got it later when I asked another question , later on that! So I with help saw how I was drawing wrong, and yes it is partly due to the shoulder issue I have. I did find out a couple of other things while doing this demo for the Kaicho. The shoulder thing of course, what was shocking I could do the spin thing, yugaeri, the light weight Yumi spun all the way around in my hand. That shocked me so much the shoulder issue took a back seat in my head. However I do not know why that happened. Perhaps the Yumi?
Ok, so I spent the next hour or so just working on keeping my shoulder down. I was moving my whole shoulder, up and back on the draw not just my arm which is what they wanted. Ok, so I had another question about how high I should raise the Yumi. In explaining that he stated that I should keep my back rounded, reach more outward with the Yumi. Once I did that the shift of the arm came so much easier. I was trying to keep my shoulders and back flat the whole time. Ok so the real test of this will come net week. On another good note though, is I am making progress. The Kaicho looked closely at my right hand Tenouchi and I received no correction same with my left. Awww yea there is hope. 
So if I add that with what I picked up the other day, about where to my sighting, and if I open up on Hanare, push at the mato instead of holding still, bam, I can make the hit. So now to test these theories in the up coming weeks. 
Yang: Kung Fu – the sensei
Tonight was the first official Kung Fu class at the Aeon Mall community center. It was a long time coming but there is finally a CCK Northern Shaolin Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung Fu branch here in Japan. Even if it is only just me and one student 🙂
At this point I am switching rolls, from the Yin Student to the Yang Teacher. However as yang is not completely yang, yin not completely yin . The saying ” when one teaches two learn ” is a perfect example of that. I am the Sensei but I also learn from my students. Eg: Am I showing, explaining in such a way that they “get it”? Do they understand more than just the surface meaning of this action, statement? In my case do I have the words to explain this, if not how do I?
I was pleasantly surprised to find there will be another student next week attending class. So I will have a group of two. That is great, because they can help each other and gives more a sense of brotherhood within the class. I can run different drills which they can learn and practice together. 
Having the kung Fu class is a double benefit as those who take the Kung Fu must also learn about Shaolin Chan. So not only does my Kung Fu group grow my Chan group grows. It gives honor to both of my Shifu’s (Sensei) teachings.
Another nice thing about this current student is he studied the same Kali ( Filipino stick fighting) system as I did back on the States, so he is familiar with the basics which I also include in my Kung Fu format. I sense this guy will stick around, and maybe bring in a friend(s) at some point. I am unsure of the new person next week we’ll see. 
Sakura pedal start to fall, 
The leaves of new life 
spring into the world.



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