A day in the life…

It was scheduled to be a busy day for me. Part 1 was off to Kyudo. It had been several days since I had practiced. I wanted to give my shoulder a break after the treatment. It have been feeling better. So today was the real test. I made sure I warmed up well and even put on a some Tiger Balm for added measure. I made sure my draw was the method directed to me by Y-sensei. I was quite please when everything went as far as I could tell, well. There was minimal discomfort when I shot. And it felt like I was using my elbow and arm to draw not my hand. I was pleased. I did a full Tai Hai for the first four shots. Just to get that practice in as well. Time is getting closer. I did notice that my legs are a lot stronger when not having peddled for 1.5 hrs to class before doing Tai Hai. 

My shots were off, I do not recall but I think I only hit one of of four. Not disappointed at all. With the major change on my draw, angle, Tenouchi, not to hit is more expected than to hit. Overall I was pleased with the practice. I got there just as the Sensei were leaving and left just before they came back. So I received no correction from them. Which for me this day was fine. I just wanted to practice on my own and test myself.

My next part was a train ride to Kobe so hour and a half away. I was off to visit a person I had met on line. He is an acupuncturist, martial artist. He sounded like an interesting person. As I needed to be in Kobe that evening I figured it was a good chance to met. 
He picked me up at the train station near by his place. His shop is a cafe and with treatment clinic in the rear. A nice small setup. We his mother served us tea with Japanese sweets. I believe mine was something Sakura as it was pink and it is that season. It was good. We talked about Martial arts, healing, philosophy, how all things are connected and the like. It was a nice visit. I found out later from speaking with his mother, who I thought was a very cool lady, that an of Uncle of his is a Kyudo Sensei some place south of Osaka.
Next stop the big event.
I have been invited to join in a benefit music Jam concert next month to raise money for a school for kids in Bali.
The person putting on this event is from Ca near to where we lived. He invited me out to try the sample menu for the event. He is also a vegetarian and had planned some Cal-Mex foods.
There was to be a gathering of people involved in the show, food drinks, chatting, etc. I was all for it. I do not get out much and to meet some other music peeps would be fun. The place I was at with the acupuncturist was nearby and he gave me a lift to the meeting point. Nice! 
I was one of the first to arrive and slowly the other came in. I believe in total about a dozen people. Most of which were “Gaijin” so the talk was in English for the most part. I could turn off my translator brain app. It was fun. Everyone was pleasant had a good time and the food was great. As well as the choices of wines and etc that people brought in to share.
I was feeling no pain as a walked my way to the train station and worked on focusing my brain to the task of getting home. I had it planned well that I would catch the next to the last train, just in case I messed up somewhere. However that did not happen and I had a easy, although a bit complex ride home. It was the end of a good day when I arrived home at 12:30. I had my Japanese class the next day so I did not stay up late and went to sleep right away once in the bed.

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