The Lone Sakura

Finally finally it is real Spring here, flowers are popping up everywhere. The Sakura has started. It is not strong in this area yet, but I have noticed a few spots. We have a large tree I happened upon in our hood. It is amaZing.

 It sets alone on thr edge of a farmland and a housing development. I was taken with it enough to grab some photos. While i was there others also stopped for pictures. LZ who is not really into the Sakura thing also saw the tree and decided to visit. Whilst she was there the land owner was as well, and he gave her the story on this tree.
 It has been there some forty years. There are not a lot of Sakura in this area and this kind is unusual. Many people do not like this kind on their property as the branches and flowers hang. They feel the luck runs into the ground because of that. I did not know Japanese are as superstitious as Chinese.The hanging ness of this tree gives it that extra of the tree to me gives it extra beauty..When standing under the branches there is an amazing sense of chi and peace there. The dark branches, the light pink almost white flowers.

 It is good that I got pictures when I did and that LZ also went to view when she did. She was told it is in full bloom now, where other trees are just starting. Today is a heavy rain, the flowers maybe gone by now, such is the way with the Sakura. Like life, it can be beautiful, it is also delicate.  Here today gone tomorrow. 


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