Tripp’n with the Docs

Monday was scheduled to be a busy day-n-the life. We were up and out early. First stop the hospital. I needed some second tests to double check a couple of things, get some new meds and have form filled out for my Japanese Boat Captain lIc. Things went smooth in and out in a short amount of time, mostly painless bit for the needle to give up some blood. I hate that.

Next lunch and my Chan class. We headed to the, mall which is right across the street from the hospital very convenient and checked in with the HQ for the community center. We briefly went over a schedule for the class and the days off I needed to take the sailing Lic class and also to do the delivery run from Okinawa. Then lunch. I kept it simple with just a fish sandwich and a Italian yogurt. I wanted to go to my favorite all you can eat. Side dish place, but did not want to fill up before the Meditation class.
We went back to the classroom after lunch. LZ had opted to stay and translate for the opening class to help people feel more comfortable. There were two people scheduled, one cancelled , another last min joined, then the cancelled one showed up. So there were three people plus LZ and myself. Unlike the last first class this one was a paid sample. These people seem really interested. They had questions and interacted. The class went well. I said basics in Japanese and LZ filled in the details. A full schedule was not set as I needed to check on when I was going to be out of town , however it seems like this time the class will be a go with at least one or two people joining for the full session. Two of the people which came were new to meditation the other had done it before. We’ll see soon enough if the class will fly this time.
Next stop the eye doctor. LZ wanted to check her prescription, and I wanted just. Basic check out as I was having some weirdness feeling in one eye. My eyes check out fine for vision. No glasses needed. With my age there is some normal stuff happening, I need to take more breaks from the computer and was given some moisture drops. Otherwise I am good to go.
We left for home after that and a little food sampling I did around the mall displays whilst LZ check with another eye shop for some frames. On the way home it was suggested we go by the acupuncturist near the house. We filled out the forms answered questions, then waited. When it was my turned i got hooked up to a machine that was kind of like Chinese suction cups, plus electrodes, then some more questions and a massage, then some acupuncture needles. What was different was they where just stuck in then taken out. In the Chinese style they stay in for a while. Next I was taped and told to leave it on for three days. All of that cost me $9.00 with insurance taking most of the burden. Nice nice nice!
The big question though did it work. It is now several days later I went to Kyudo after a couple of days rest, which was not suggested by the doc. just by me. Anyway yes, I did feel less pain and more movement. It was worth the visit, I will go back for another treatment. Which will cost me less since I have had the first visit already!
Overall, I am good to go. Excellent because things are starting to get busy!

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