Roll with it…

  1. Life is change, a year ago we were in Ensenada, Mexico with the plan to come to Osaka. I came across some pictures then stored on the laptop we had on the Ill fated Zen II. Kind of sad to look back on that, but things worked out, for the best. You can not control life, you can only roll with it.



This is a mixed bag post, some babble, I will be jumping around a bit. I happen to be checking out my post and saw with a surprise that on the last post there were some folks who checked liked. Shocking! I do not know where they came from but thanks. I am surprised when I find people really do read this blog. What I find really interesting is the post that people liked on, is about Kyudo training, not about Japan in generally. Go figure.

I do not get out to a lot of other blogs often but when I do I try to at least leave some mark I was there, a small comment, a click of the like button. It is a small gesture of appreciation to those who share their life. I have a list of followers I need to update. I have friends who I follow, support, etc, that do not read my blog. Even family, i share this with on Google plus, zip from them. It is ok, as a Life journal it is interesting for me to look back and see where I was, a year, 2 , 3 ago. My cousin thinks I should write a book. It is kind of a plan. Even though I do not see much interest in it. Not like Loco in Yokohama a real writer, and blogger, who I support that has I believe never visited this site…but he does give me a link, after I said something…it is ok just saying. He is a good writer, check out his book. I am just talking to myself mostly here and a few others. Anyway, thanks for the likes those who did and the new followers.

Looks like WaterWorld will be on-line for me sooner than I thought. Yoh Sensei of Aoki Yachts wants me to go to Okinawa and bring back a boat to Osaka with a small crew. How cool is that? I wanted to go to Okinawa! Now I get to do that and get paid, very cool! It is suppose to be about a 7-8 day trip. Making 2-3 stops. I was told once I get my Captains lic here I will have other work such as that, delivering boats and teaching for Aoki Yachts. Sweet! A decent income and an active part of society here.  It will be good. Life is shaping up.



I am doing my first Chan/Zen class this Monday, with no Backup translation from LZ. It will be a challange, but I am pretty sure I can pull it off. At least for the trial class. Then we’ll see what is up after that, if anyone signs up to continue the class or just taking the sample. The nice thing this time around is the sample is a paid sample, not just a free sample so anyone taking it is pretty serious about doing it. So can I make the sale is the question. Still nothing as far as interest in the Kung Fu class, that is a dissapointment. Still the meditation class did not have anyone until just a couple of days before hand. So no telling what the week will bring. Still I believe it is something I will need to develop on my own.

I am off this week to Kobe it is a two part trip. 1st part is to meet with a person I have friended with on Facebook. He is an Acupuncturist. I had spoken with him about treatment for my shoulder but that did not work out. Since I had to go to Kobe on Music business this week I figured I would stop and talk with him. He is also a Martial artist and a Karate Sensei. He does some Qi Gong as part of his healing practice and personal training. I think he has done some Hsing Yi. It will be interesting to speak with him. Even though he says his English is not good. I think it is better than he admits. Perhaps he would be interested in a workshop there at his center, Kobe is kind of far but a 1-2 day seminar is doable, if there is an interest.



Part two is a visit to a Cal homie. He is the guy putting on the ” Blues for Bali” concert/jam in Kobe next month. He is having a meeting and trail menu gathering for those of us involved with the event. He is a veggie so for me perfect. There will be some meat but mostly veggie fair. Awww Yeah! It will be a good chance to meet a few musicians and  lay some ground work for the after concert open Jam . It should be fun. I have been offered a crash spot after the Jam next month if things get too active and I miss the last train home. Cool! Because as it stands I can sit in for one set then I have to head out o catch the train. The second part of the show does not start until 10:00m which means more like 10:30 or later most likely.


As spring is starting to show it’s face around Osaka, it is also opening it’s eyes in my garden. I am seeing some flower buds on a plant. Also looking like some budding is happening on my maples. Very cool, the bamboos are also starting some new growth. The new plants in the recycled pallet garden and the vertical bottle garden are perking up. I am trying something new with weed control around the yard in unwanted growth areas. Salt, rather than chemicals or constant weed pulling. I am using salt to make certain area undesirable for growth. Like in-between the path stones and the like. So far it looks promising. I found some really cheap aquarium salt at the local market. about $1.40 for something like 2 lbs more or less.



My friend from the hood, has been dropping off, fresh veggies from her garden. Nice nice, nice, nice. 



I also have been starting to catch up on outside projects like our house plate. Many houses in old hoods have the same number. So everyone has their name on a plate. There is a spot for it , built into the wall or someplace.



They can be expensive to have made. I carved this one from some wood I found. Painted it, and sprayed it with lacquer. It will do for now until I find a better wood for carving. This one was not a hard wood, so easy to split. Anyway it saved us a couple hundred dollars. Several hundred thousand yen. 


4 thoughts on “Roll with it…

  1. In the picture of the name plate what is the purpose of covering the lower part of the steel/iron fence? Had never noticed this in my 16 years in the Kanto area.
    Flowering plant looks like mume.
    First stop at your blog. Enjoyed it in Memphis!

    • Thanks for the visit. The name plate is so package , mail, deliveries know which house is ours. several in a group have the same address.

      • I was referring to the fence to the left of stone column with your name plate. The lower portion of the fence is covered with a tan or brown covering. After my initial comment I did have a thought that in Tokyo this could prevent late night drunks from urinating through the fence. But in your area this is probably not a problem.
        Have read your blog back to December 2013 now and still find it very enjoyable. I will find out about your shoulder injury and compare to mine.
        Keep on blogging. You have an interesting life!

      • Oh that. I believe it is just decoration left by the former tenet. He had a bamboo theme in the yard and else where. It worked out well with my taste. Right, drunks are not an issue here.
        Thanks for reading and comment.

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