March – this n that

Spring is almost here, ahhhh. I am so ready to say good-bye to winter. Overall it has not been bad, overall. Only a little short termed snow just mostly cold. I hate cold, but I have been colder. With the coming of spring things are happening. I have another possible meditation class starting, and another possible Kung Fu class. The end of March will tell how that is going to work. In truth I do not have much of a feel it will work at this location. However I will see. I have heard it said Japanese start new things in April.
Also in April I have the Japanese sailing class to take. It is a 4 day course, with a test at the end. I have seen some of the questions. It is not too bad. The US Coast guard Captain lic test was harder, however I will need to put some time on studying the navigation calculations again to figure out the math problems. I hate math problems! Oh well, I know I can do it, because I have before. So ganbaru!

Once that is done. I can partake of Japan’s WaterWorld as the opportunity arises. Speaking of WaterWorld, I heard that the Sencho had his autopilot die on him 6 days out. I am not surprise, if he used it the way he did when I was with him. That and all that I have read say it is not meant to do OceanCrossing. However I will most likely be blamed for the equipment failure. Oh well.
So the day of the final Japanese Lic test, that night I am off to Kobe to sit in with a informal musical gathering as part of a benefit for a school in Bali. I am looking forward to that, big time. I do not expect much to come out of it. It will be fun doing some living playing and meeting some new musicians. Hopefully some connection for a band come about from this, but if not, it will still be fun being a active musician again. Even now rehearsing, practicing, getting my “chops” and finger calluses is fun. Getting all my equipment activated, nice to get my groove on.
Then there is June, the Kyudo test. That is always in my head. Perhaps I should not put so much thought into it. Nothing will really change, I will still have to train, and develop after the test, same as before, but that sense of accomplishment, of completion will give my spirit a big boast after the first failure. More so having done it here in Japan. It is said the standards are the same here and in the states, but I do not think so. Just from the amount of details I am given to work on. I feel if I was in the states many would be left until after I was at the next level. That is just my opinion though. One thing I noticed the other day is that some of the more advance people get the same points told to them they need to correct, adjust as I am being told. At least it seems like it. Since I am not clear on the Japanese I am guessing from watching.
Oh, I forgot in May I am going to the big Tai Kai in Kyoto. At least I want to. If I have a job at that time it will have to be the priority. To far ahead to tell right now. Only thing in stone is the June test.
After that in July will be the 1yr anniversary of being here. Hopefully we will have all we had hoped for in place as reason for a big celebration. Even if not, we have much to be grateful for as we stand. LZ is working, p/t going into full time, we have a comfortable home, with a garden, I am getting the training I wanted for Kyudo, I have a job upcoming, possible band(s), with the health issues of some family members, it is fortunate for us to be here to help. If we had still be sailing when some of the things with the family went down. It would have been a big problem. So in a strange way, the boat lost was a good thing. It certainly opened my eyes to those who are true friends. Within sadness there is joy.
Another thing that was started was a Japanese class in a nearby town. Basically free class. There is a volunteer who helps design a custom help, tutor session for you, of sorts. I was suppose to go to a potluck gathering with the group last week, however bummer for me , I got the dates messed-up and went to Kyudo. I received a call from L.Z. Saying the group was waiting for me! Ehhhhhhh! There is some mix up between this week and next week. Next week in Japanese means this up coming week(end), in English meaning not this one coming, but the following. Or maybe I am just backwards. Anyway. I was looking forward to the potluck, but missed out. I shown pictures this Friday of what was made and served it looked good, Oishisou! Bummer I missed out!
The ladies in the class are all very nice. I am the only guy. Everyone’s Japanese is so much better than mine, so it is constance learning for me to listen and understand. There was an informal tea and cake gathering at the class this week. One of the ladies made some pudding and brought it in to share. We sat and chatted. Not much of a formal lesson but I did get to practice my listening skills. So everything is a lesson. Just like in Kung Fu everything is training, the world is our Dojo.

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