Zen garden herb n veggie spring planting pallet project

Quite a title ne! More so for a short post 🙂

As spring is just around the corner and down the street, I have been giving some thought to my gardening projects for the spring. Mostly what herb and veggies I can produce. I had tried the recycled plastic bottles vertical growers. I have one stack that works pretty well. Not a lot of production being it was started late in the season and is just one stack. I came across another idea that looked good. Pallet planting as a vertical grower. Discarded wood pallets are fairly easy to get. In the states they are just thrown away. Here in Japan not so much. However I have seen shops ,etc with them stacked in the yard. 
I took a chance with a local company just across from a market we shop at to ask them about getting one. I have had my eye on this place for a while as it was on my list to check put for a pallet for a Kyudo platform, before I found one in a store very cheap. Anyway, I pumped up my courage and went to this company to ask about purchasing one off their stack. The guy spoke with was nice. Of course everyone in the office was shocked to see me, however they were all pleasant and friendly. The person I spoke with said he would have to ask the president and took my number to call me. Later that day he did, saying I could pickup whenever.
The next day I went back. Again everyone was nice, even a bit more so. The guy let me pick which one I wanted and wanted to give me more than one. I said thank you but just one for now. I asked how much he said no charge. His only other surprise was that I was going to carry it by hand home. I told him no worries it was not that far. I gave him my business card, thanked him and left.
Whilst carrying the pallet to the house, the Oba-chan saw me. We spoke and she asked about what it was I had. I said something in English and kept walking. She was going the other way to put trash out for pickup. As I went into my yard I could hear her coming. I quickly put down the pallet and went inside. I looked out the window, she was looking in the yard, then walking back and forth in front. Wheeww i thought . Missed that! I still stayed inside for a while. A short time later I hear a loud banging on the door and her even louder voice calling me. Ok, some quick thinking. I knew she was just being nosey. I found my cell phone and answered the door with it to my ear. She had some veggies as a “gift” I smile and said sumimasen! Showed her the phone and said it was my work on the phone I could not talk I was busy! Sumemasen! She said ohhh, and left. Ahhhh, big breath of relief. She is not bad just I did not want to hear a lot of something I did not understand or could answer. Beside it being none of her business and I am sure she would give me her opinion. So I dodged that bullet as they say.
Today hunted and gathered the items I needed to make ready to bring the pallet into use. Items from the dollar store, It cost me about $5.00 in materials to get three levels setup. My other neighbor heard me hammering and asked what I was making. She came over I showed her, she smiled said sugoi and left. Short, and simple I like her. She had given me some herb plant just a few days again. 
After about an hour of work, the Zen Garden recycled herb and veggie pallet planter was ready to go. I put in the herb from my neighbor and some rosemary that needed planting, also planted some garlic clover. The other seeds I will wait until more into March before planting. Bell peppers, cayenne, basil, tomatoes, kale. I will pickup some parsley, and a few other herbs and greens, from the local nursery which have already been started. 
I am hoping to have a good crop this year. Phase I is complete. Not only with herb and veggies, Kyudo, sailing, and music…Japan life is full on there should be some good harvest from the winter effort…Yosh!

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