Naruhodo yasashi, suru wa muzukashi

After two weeks off from practice I was ready to have at it. It was not a full two weeks off as I did put in a few shots at the Bamboo Mantis dojo. I found that the two weeks of rest really helped my shoulder. Another thing, just before I stopped to go to Tahiti I figured out the pulling with the body thing. I continued that when I shot again this week, with little to no pain before, during or after the draw. So perhaps a large part of the problem has been with my improper draw. Time will tell.


Time is now to get back into more serious practice with June testing approaching. It still seems a like a ways off, but time waits for no one, and quickly slips away. ( both song titles, a bit of trivia, for the four or five readers of this blog).
I went to the dojo this week, a sensei had me note my ya was not level in Hanari, and my grip was too loose in Zansen. This cause cause the bottom of my Yumi to be at a inappropriate angle after my shot. So the work on Tenouchi continues. I recall hearing in my beginner days the Tenouchi like the basics of TaiChi takes 10 years to get. It is seeming that way. My sempai at the dojo worked with me to understand what was being told to me. He speaks a little , very little English, but it is helpful. My response afterward, Naruhodo yasashi, surusimasu musugashi. He laughed. My Japanese is improving, not correct, but understandable of sorts.
Well, my targeting is still so so, I am still at about one hit out of four. Which with still making a mass of adjustments is to be expected. It occurred to me I am at what we call “the plateau” in Kung Fu training. It is that place where you practice and practice but it does not seem like you are getting anywhere, then suddenly you have a break through and you jump to the next level. Unlike in the beginning stages where one made steady noticeable progress.
Before I left for Tahiti, I was asked to be in a photo, for the new webpage. The other day i was reminded of it and asked if I saw it. I had forgotten, therefore had not seen. I was then shown the site, with me the Token Gaijin on it. I did not think it was a great shot, but it was selected from several so they must have thought it was ok, and would not cause the school to lose face, so I was /am fine with it. I also now have the dojo event schedule…yosh!

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