first guest

We had our first guest over to the house the day after my return. Yoh Sensei and his wife Mesako-san. Before we left he asked me to do about 10 small videos for his yacht building corp. good for me to have the income, to do some creative and have some money for the sailing license fee coming up in April. Big test, big deal, will open a whole new world in Japan!
Something that is needed in Japan, ( of course), is a license to sail a boat over a certain size. Once I have that I can teach, operate my own boat or another Boat that is registered in Japan. It. Will open WaterWorld Japan for me. Maybe I will open a new blog then just for that…maybe. Maybe not doubt if anyone cares. LZ says one blog is easier to read.
The lunch gathering was a success. I made potatoe pancakes, served with sour cream, (expensive here in Japan) and mimosas. We had a good time the four of us. Afterward I went over some business details and we had a pleasant mid day visit.
A few days later we had another guest. Someone I met and introduced to LZ. They became fast friends. A Japanese lady from Akita. She and her husband ( Canadian) lived in our apt building in Alameda. For a brief time she was also my Tai Chi/ meditation Student.
She was in Japan making the rounds visiting family and friend so came to Osaka to visit LZ. She is a nice and smart lady. Pleasant to be around. She stayed for a few days. I am sure LZ enjoyed having a girlfriend to with whom to chat and hangout.

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