6 days in Tahiti – home bound

Day 7
The rain started again early in the morning and was fairly hard until just before take off…
Currently in the air, 25 min before landing in Tokyo! Yatta! They took my pesto, and salsa at the airport 😦 , but let me have the capers? Why? Weird. I also got to keep the bread and cheese, Yatta! I think something was said about the size of the jars, maybe?. The capers were the smallest, but the other jars were also small, although not as much as the capers. grrrrrrrr
Lucky me the plane is not full, so the seat next to me is empty I can lay-out…sort of
Sencho and the Japanese taxi driver saw me off at the airport until I went through immigration. I was surprised that the Sencho went with me to the airport. He is really not a bad person, he has a good heart but OMG stubborn and hardheaded. in the scolding I got I was told to change my heart and be more submissive, I think he has some humbleness issues. Anyone that wants to be addressed as Capt. and is not in the military or something official has some humbleness issues. He just has a Boat Operator license which anyone can get and has to if operating a boat with a motor in Japan.
I hope he has a safe trip back to Osaka. I am sooooo glad I did not end up making that sailing trip with him. At this point I have no plans of ever being on a boat with him as Captain again. It will take some hmmm strong well thought out circumstances lets say. I understand why he is not looking for a male friend to travel with, and ends up arguing with them, he wants a submissive a female to go along.  
Anyway enough of that…
Coming in to Japan through customs is a different experience traveling without LZ. With her I am just waved through, not a second look. Different story without her, every bag is checked and searched, and I am given the pat down. All very polite, and not unexpected. they smiled, I smiled, You want my hands higher, lower? You want this coat off, sweater? Want to check my shoes? dijoubu!
It was nice going through a much shorter re-entry line at the immigration check in. There is some advantage to having a card, not much but some 🙂
Now I am back home. Different to feel home and to be in Japan and not Calif. We have our first meal guest coming on Sunday for brunch. I need to go over a project I am working on for Aoki Yacht school so LZ and I have decided to make an event of it and we will cook and eat.

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