6 days in Tahiti – day 6

Day 6
Oh so special in many ways…ahhhhhhhh is for the first, blessed relief this is over. But first, the last night in …Paradise. 
It poured rain. The Sencho took all the bedding below. Oh hell no! I am not sleeping down there, now there is desiel fuel (smell) and roach haven. Even when it pours rain there is one spot that I can sit and stay mostly dry. I will sit there all night in lotus if need be. The good part about this is, will be, I have the cockpit to myself. Nice because he made all kinds of loud noises last night in his sleep. Now it is like I have a space. I have to share it with nature, who’s rain has priority but cest’la vie. I got to say that today for real to a real Frenchman! Kind of cool!
Anyway I did not sleep much, but I did get some sleep when it was not raining. I slept when the rain did. This morning I was so so. Relief it was test day and my final day of stern training.
I did not do Tai chi today, as the boat is now at my Tai Chi dock spot and I did not want the Sencho to bug me. So I went to the market to grab a modest breakfast. From there over to the park. I took a little wade in the water before sitting to do a little ZaZen, then breakfast. It was peaceful, I felt gratitude big time. Then it was off to work.
We got ready and under way without incident. we are now heading out of the channel. I am noticing Sencho is ignoring the channel markers. Then he has been take the wheel while he watches the GPS and tells me where to go. Now i have real concern. he is directing me to turn into shallow water , also heading directly for some moored boats, because the GPS says it is the short route. OMG! I say strongly we are heading for danger, rocks, reef, boats and shallow water! He did not like it! I made him look! Reason being if the boat went aground or damaged, I would be blamed! Ok finally he got it! For now. I also told him he needed to stay within the channel markers. I thought someone who sailed this far and calls them self Captain would know this.
So now he goes to the bow and stands there watching. I follow the channel out to almost the end. He comes back and says something, I give him the wheel. He starts going off course as the markers shift. He say this way? I say yes follow those and stay in the middle of them…Captain. Ok we make it to open waters. He then checks out the autopilot. I have never seen anyone use it like he did. I would will be surprised if it will last if he does that all the time. I was guessing he was just checking it out, but with him, who knows.
We head back now. We make past the first set of markers. The next set is a ways off, but I can see how to get there, and remembering how we got here. So I say just keep straight here. He ignores me and turns. He turns in a direct path to more reefs, and shallow water. I can see kids standing in the water playing it is for sure shallow. I wait, and say it again go this way and point! He ignores me, a big wind now picks up the boat gets turned the other direction to the reefs. I say nothing, he is looking again at a GPS. then turns back the other way again to the shallower water. Now I am concerned and say something about the direction, strongly. He yells, I yell back, he yells, I say ok it is your boat Captain I will shut up. I was not at the wheel so if it wreaked it was not on me to worry. I have a plane ticket out of here tomorrow. So I think frack it! Now we are both pissed. I say nothing as he weaves back and forth across the channel, riding ever so close to the edge of the reef instead of the center of the channel were there is plenty of room.
We make it back to dock, I follow orders to the letter, I have nothing else to say. Other than Hai!
We get the boat secured and settled. I go off to myself and sit. He comes over and I get called on the carpet starting with I need to do reflection. There is one Captain, I need to be humble, submissive, this is the Japan way. This is not the states. There can not be two Captains it is his boat. The GPS is not wrong, it is number one something something. Anyway. All I could say and did say was “hai”. Anything else would have pointless. I say “hai” to everything, you are the captain, I am the fool, I know nothing, sorry sorry sorry, you are in charge. I have learned there is no point saying any more that, he will not listen, even if he could understand what I was explaining in English, or I had the words to say it in Japanese. I might as well have talked to the boat. Best just to be humble and say sorry.
Ok, sigh, I went off to myself again to breathe and be away from him. A few moments later he comes over again and says, ok, one more thing. He did not like what I did yesterday at the market. Huh, WTH?!
I should not have told the salesperson who was giving him samples and trying to say somethings to him in French. That he did not speak French or English. that hurt his feelings. Now I am really at a lost. I did not know this was suppose to be a secret. I was being polite to the person because he did not understand what he was being asked and just walked off. It was rude, but he did not know. Anyway, I really did not get it so I am more depressed now, and just again say sorry sorry sorry. Then the Sencho says something about be happy, don’t apologize and feel sad, apologize and be happy, brush it off. Be submissive, but be happy! I have no words to say, other than to myself, Thank God this is almost over! Also the rest of the day is MINE, my hired for tasks are done!!!
At this point I figured I owe myself a treat, I survived!. I went to McDonald’s and purchased a sundae. From there I went and sat with my feet in the water, felt the the vibe and watched the locals playing in the swimming area. Ahhhhhhh, relief. After a while of this and the consuming of the dessert. I waded out a ways it felt really good. I had put on my trucks so I went out waist deep. My next idea was to sit close to the beach but in the water. I raised my shirt and tied it, found the perfect spot and did a bit of Zazen there in the water. Life was good and I had no weight of thoughts of duty to perform. The day was mine, and like the waves of the ocean lapping around me, I felt bathed in gratitude.
That night the rains came about 1:00 am, big rains, even though I had prepared and purchased a tarp it was still a wet experience that night. I just flowed with it like the rain itself, I was free!

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