6 days in Tahiti day 5

Day 5
What a day. It started off well enough. I did my morning Tai Chi and Zazen, on the dock. It is quite comfortable, the morning calm I felt at one with my environment. From there to the market to pickup breakfast and over to the park. Following the advise of my student to at least put my feet in the water, I did that I took a short wade. The water felt wonderful a bit cool at first but not biting cold. Like I remember Hawaii to be on my first time. Anyway it was nice to take a walk in water, the vibe was good. It was not long , it did plant the seed for a return visit.
Next to work. We started getting the boat ready for a test sail to set the autopilot. It was on the windy side and it was a tricky docking to get out of the docking spot. Sencho wisely got help from the fuel dock with a few guys and a runabout boat. I guess they do this as part of their dock duties. So the guys came ask if I spoke English , they were visibly relieved at that, even though their English was not that good. They got us out of the dock and pulled us to the fuel dock. Sencho was having a very difficult time getting to the dock, even with such a short maneuver so they pushed us in….ok done. I thought it would be a simple get some fuel and leave next section.
We start getting fuel we figured about 300 gal of desiel. We got the main tank full, then were filling the jerry cans. After two the pumped stopped. I asked about it and was told we ran out of fuel you got it all. I told Sencho, and he had a cow! Started yelling, No no no, I tried to explain it was not against him they ran out of fuel from other boats filling up. He was not listening or careing , I guess , so he yells at me. I was so embarrassed, if I was someplace near home, I would have left right then! Finally after way too long a time with him begging and acting foolish. He understood , he could come back and get more fuel, late that afternoon or even next week. Ether way he was not cut off. Ok, end drama so I thought…
Next he wants to dock on the side of the fuel station while we go get lunch. He is told no, but he could go to another part of the dock that was easy to get to. Another drama unfolded. I tried to explain again , no not listening. Finally they took him by the little boat to see the spot, he returned smiling. Ok so now he is happy and buying the people at the fuel soda, and candy . I am so embarrassed!
We leave to go to the new docking spot. It was windy but not that bad. He had a hard time maneuvering still. The fuel dock sent out a help boat, they were watching. I am surprised he made it to Tahiti with those kind of skills!
I am so thankful, I am leaving in two days, and I did not have the time or he the money to have me sail back with him. I would have not made it.
Af’er we eat, he decides we are heading out to test sail. Ok, i say. He says set out the empty Jerry cans out to hold this spot for us. Ok. I put the cans on the dock. He brings out a cord and starts tieing them together and to the dock cleats, also to the docking lines that are attached to the boat. I just watch, because I am still irked from the fuel dock. After he finishes he looks at me and says ok , and gives me the thumbs up. I am frowning, and say no. I say. I understand you are the Captain and number one, but why did you tie the empty cans to the dock lines we need to take off in order to leave? Why not just tie to the empty dock rings right next to the dock cleats? Basically WTH are you thinking? He looks and says oh, yeah, sometimes J do not think right. I sigh and correct the mess as the wind picks up.
So he decides to pass on the test sail today and have me do the sail sewing. Ok, good that is my last task. We lower the jib sail and we get to the torn part. He sees it and says oh, it is just the cover. Which I had said three days ago but he said no it is the sail! Grrrrrr.
I start the sewing after a short while it starts to rain, first a little then big time.
A break was needed, then rain stopped, I started, I finished, rain started.
It is raining on and off, now. Sencho has moved my stuff and his downstairs since the rain has started. I refuse to sleep there, with roaches gone wild. I will sit in lotus all night in the dry spot on deck. Speaking of roaches, I am so paranoid about bring some stowaway home in my bag or something, ugh. I will need to check everything at the airport.
It is sort of late about 11:00pm , rain has stopped a while ago, looks like none at least for several hours, judging the sky. Went below to get my bedding , a sleeping bag which I sleep on as a pad, then use my jacket as a cover. I have found the turning my jacket sideways I can get legs into one sleeve and the the body part covers my upper legs , hips and trunk. Enough on decent nights to get a fair sleep. Still it is kind of weird, but I feel like if I get in the sleeping bag I am crawling Into a roach den.
This living on a boat again brings good and bad memories, of joys and loss. A lot of loss because of travels were not that much fun and we did lose almost everything of value and savings. We suffered through a large part of it. Other than being at home traveling day trips and weekends. The time at the Coral Marina in Encenada was nice, hanging with m homie, Walter and Michelle, that was good. The place it self got kind of boring. It really is about the people you met out there that make the trip. Hanging with Don and Lisa on the trip down the coast was also nice. It would have been a whole different story without those people. We tried to be Friends with another couple but, I felt more used than it was a share supported experience.  

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