6 days in Tahiti day 4

Day 4
I was up and out this morning before the sun came over the mtn. It was about 6:30 or 7:00. I woke myself up after a mostly restful sleep. I was feeling normal, the sickness gone, pissed offness gone. I headed over to the main dock to do some Tai Ji and Zazen. The main dock as turned into my morning spot. 
It has a better feel early in the morning for some reason than the little park I had planned on. My practice was more peaceful yet energetic today. Perhaps not being sick, not being rudely awaken, combined for a good outlook today. I could start to feel the feeling of Tahiti. I am noticing that more over the last days. The people are nice for the most part, the bonjour greeting is pleasant. Here at the dock it really feels French Polynesia. It would be great to see more of the island and the locals. There is security here at the dock but it does not have that underling feel of danger like Mexico did. Well not at the hotel coral, but at Baja Naval. The Hotel was more uptown, hmm thinking of this, that way this place is also, upscale. All these big money boats here like Hotel Coral. Unlike Hotel Coral there are a lot of kids here. Speaking of which a large group just sat down next to me on the bench. Pretty quiet for a group of about 5-6 kids, pre-teens and younger.
After my morning tune-up practice I walked to the market to purchase breakfast. No Coconut milk today, a light breakfast. Yogurt, kefir, a croissant, fruit smoothie. Then I walked to the public park beach area for a sit down breakfast next to the beach. A few kids were already in the water. Other than their laughter it was quiet as I enjoyed my breakfast and the morning feel of Tahiti. After some quiet time it was off to work.
I worked on the autopilot again today. As usual Sencho asks me about looking at something else. This time I had enough and told him, I can not think about anything else but what I am working on right now. He left me alone for a while. I had a couple of other snappy moments with him during the day, but for the most part I was cool. Like when I am finishing up the AP and he says come with me to show me something. Just as I am closing up a part. Ok, he shows me the batteries, he is filling them and says they are only taking a little water. That is good, he says. I am puzzled, and say is this something you want me to do? He says no, I just wanted to show you. (o_O) I walked away and back to my work. Sigh. 
The on-going saga of pointless interruptions.
I did finish the pilot. I thought I was to do the sailing cover sewing next, but he gave me another job, he could not do, the bow light was not working and he could not figure it out. A job from hell. Crawling into this small, cramped bow, hot, no air, and stuff piled on the floor and corners. Nothing was easy, even to just see the wiring. I ended up replacing part of the line after finding that the oringal was stuck inthe pulpit and would not move when pulled. I bypassed it with new wire, ran outside and through the deck so there would be a bow light. The outside access was his idea it just needs to get him to Japan. Thankful for that bit of wise insight!
Tomorrow is sail trial day and filling up with fuel. Thursday is for any final adjustments and whatever other end project suddenly are dropped on me along with the sail sewing. Friday I am leaving on a jet plane…
Even though cold I am looking forward to being home in Japan! Now that is a new and different thought, yet seems perfectly natural.

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